The Ravensbourne Arms celebrates Rocktober with new kitchen

The Ravensbourne Arms says:

Our kitchen will be open as of Tuesday the 4th October, which is just 5 days away!

Next week’s opening hours will remain the same, however, from Monday 10th October we will be opening from 12pm every day. Food will be available between 12pm and 3pm and then 5pm till 10pm (9pm on Saturdays). On Sundays we will be serving food from 12pm till 6pm. If you would like to reserve a table for any date please phone in on 0208 613 7070!

NHS card holders will be entitled to 20% off food from Monday to Friday between the hours of 12pm and 3pm.

In other news, we now show Sky Sports. Don’t worry though, we’re not a football pub! We have one medium sized LCD screen and will only have sound on for the very big games! We also now have a retro games table top machine in the pub, and a bar billiards table on the way! I’m also looking to get a darts board up ASAP. Basically, you’re not going to run out of things to do here!

October is full of events! So full in fact that we’ve renamed it Rocktober (we’re cool like that).

Click here for the full list of the Ravensbourne's events on the Ladywell Forum.


Anonymous said...

Yay to Bar Billiards.

Anonymous said...

great! where can we see the menu?7

bumbags said...


Billy Bonds said...

We're showing football but, hey, we're not a football pub! Tossers.

P.S. phone version of site is appalling.

Anonymous said...

We go out on Sunday evenings. Working weekday evenings and places are too crowded on a Saturday. Why are so many pubs closed for Sunday evening meals? Is there really no customer demand?

Terry Hall said...

I go out on Friday night and I come home on Saturday morning.

stbo said...

So the chef can have an evening off?

patrick1971 said...

I hope the telly will be situated somewhere so there will be places to sit where you CAN'T see it. Apart from that, all good, looking forward to trying it out.

Ravensbourne Arms said...

Hey guys,

The Sunday evening question about food is something I find myself talking to chefs about all the time. You're right that it's hard to find somewhere in the evenings but it's something we're willing to look in to here. All opening times are on a trial basis and we are willing to look at other options depending on demand.

As for the football comments, what we mean is that although the football will be shown here we're not going to let it take over the pub. If people come here for a nice meal with their family we don't want them to be shouting over football commentary while they eat. The sound will not be on during the games except on the actual TV itself so it can't be heard throughout the pub. As for the position of the TV, there are plenty of places for people to sit without having to watch the football.

Any other questions, please feel free to contact me directly.



Anonymous said...

Patrick 1971 might be disappointed if the answer is 'yes', but will there be good, honest fare on the menu?

RosieH said...

Second the comment about finding somewhere to eat of a Sunday evening, so would be interested if the Ravensbourne had food on.
Looking forward to sampling the menu

Anonymous said...

Had look-see tonight, such a big pub. Looks very nice but I think the kitchen will make the place, when it is ready.

I was in search of food on Sunday night....not easy in Lewisham.

I discovered the last night of a promotional £3.99 buffet at Cafe Spice just after the Hospital.

Sorted...but next week, where to forage?

patrick1971 said...

Thanks for the feedback about the telly, good to hear.

Re Anon 22:34 - if you keep walking further down towards Catford, there is a very nice Indian restaurant, and also a very nice Italian restaurant, on the south east corner of the one way system. As honest a fare as anyone could wish.

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