Americanos in South East London

Brockley: Movies and heroes. Low riding chicanos. In the land of the free, you can be what you want to be. A magic kingdom, filled with Barbie dolls.

Local film maker Fred Rowson is asking for your help to track down Americana in this neck of the woods:

I'm currently shooting a music video for this band - - who are sort of American bluegrass, country, by way of suburban London. One of the major themes of the video is finding those odd pockets of American culture in suburban London, like the pink Cadillac in the scrap yard near New Cross Gate, or the LVPD patrol car I've often seen parked at the bottom of Gellatly Road.

I was wondering if you could do a little shout out on the blog to see what people come up with?

And thank you to everyone who contributed to THE END; the promo is still online, and you can watch it by clicking HERE.