Hilly Fields Lunch Club - new business network

Jennifer writes:

The Hilly Fields Lunch Club is a club for freelancers, homeworkers, and small business owners around Hilly Fields. The club brings together local professionals for a regular monthly informal meet-up to

       • support local small businesses and freelancers
       • build a network of potential collaborators amongst locally based professionals
       • provide “water cooler moments” for people without a water cooler!

The Hilly Fields Lunch Club is friendly, informal and welcoming to anyone who wants to come along. We meet at a local venue to be announced each month on our blog. The few of us starting this are involved in IT and design so I would think it would be of interest to professional services, technology, design, copywriters, marketing but it would be great to attract a rich mix.

The inaugural meet-up of the club is on Friday 7th October, 12.30pm at The Ladywell Tavern, 80 Ladywell Rd, Ladywell, Lewisham, London, SE13 7HS.

If you can make it, leave a comment on the blog introducing yourself to the group.



Jennifer said...

Thanks for the post Nick! It would be great to get a business network thriving in the local area. Looking forward to meeting more of the talented people living around here!

Anonymous said...

as a freelancer working in Ladywell I will spend the time sticking pencils in my eyes rather than wasting it meeting 'freelancers' who haven't got anything to do . . .

Won't be employing Anon 'cos I don't know who he is. said...

Great, make sure they're blunt. It will hurt more.

Most freelancers I've worked with are from recomendations from others, including other freelancers. Meet for lunch and swap tips/leads.

Or sit at home sticking writing implements in your eyes. Nice attitude.

Brockley Nick said...

Yes, what has networking ever done for small businesses and freelancers!? Oh...

Anonymous said...

you people are too easy to wind up

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