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Derek Frost: Because, the world is hell. But we have a chance to start over in the rubble. But first there has to be a rubble. You're a teacher, you know that. You understand. 
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The Evening Standard reports that Goldsmiths lecturer Des Freedman, currently promoting the release of a new book, which he has edited, is urging students to 'keep fighting' against University reform.

The article does its best to make him in to the student body's answer to Abu Hamza, but actually his quotes are pretty modest. He doesn't like the changes to the funding model and he wants to encourage action against it, but Tyler Durden he ain't:

Mr Freedman said the student movement was "reawakening" after a long summer holiday and added: "If it means more sit-ins and marches to make sure this issue is back on the front pages then that has to be done."

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kolp said...

Good for him for sticking his head above the parapet and showing some moral courage, for the betterment of society.

Anonymous said...

You might also remember him as the lecturer who expressed his support to the students throwing stuff from the roof of Millbank and breaking windows at the protests earlier this year...

Anonymous said...

Destructive activity is cool if you're in the conservation area and white.

Anonymous said...

He wants students to fight against cuts in education but give no indication, at least as reported in the Evening Standard, as to what other areas should be cut more to make up for the additional money going to further education.

Anonymous said...

Prof Zeldin's ambitious plan is to turn the borough of Lewisham into a place where the entire quarter of a million inhabitants can get to know each other. He argues that his approach will break down isolation and alienation, and even create more satisfying jobs.

Anonymous said...

'moral courage' my ass.

He's a professional living on state funded benefits.

Here's a response to a blog about the student riots by one of his chums...

"Hi Jonathan. I'm one of the lecturers at Goldsmiths who signed the statement you mention (first issued by Des Freeman and John Wadsworth) and I've also signed the one you linked. I think there are two issues at stake. One is the facile conflation of property damage with violence against people, which the media have in the main worked very hard to accomplish..."

Des Freeman and his ilk want to surround violence in flowering langauge..and pretend their was no violence.

Klop put your address on here, so a few students from Goldmith's could pop round for a chat who knows they might begin by lobbying bricks through your windows or letting off a smoke grenade in your lounge as you watch TV?

Maybe You and Des would like to tell the 30-40 people who's whole lives went up in smoke in Croydon it was none violent.

Freeman assumes his opinions are correct, what of those who disagree are they entitled to destroy Mr. Freeman's office or home?

Somehow I think Mr Freeman will take to the media and demand to know where were the police.

Moral courage? More like moral low life.

Debate is good said...

Small point old chap..

"He's a professional living on state funded benefits."

Well "wages" actually. Like every lecturer, teacher, doctor, nurse, surgeon, policeman, fireman, prison officer, parole officer...etc... So a nice daily mail editorial but actually trite and irrelevant.

As what his friends think, well so what? Do you think universities, institutions that are supposed to provoke thought and challenge assumptions wpuld be better if there were no controversial figures? No, they wouldnt

Not sure I ageree with him but a university full of mainstream drones would be a poor one.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what this nobody thinks. I have been exposed to this sort of wishful thinking nonsense from silly self promoting pseudo marxists for most of my adult life. It achieves nothing, except to bolster the ego of the person spouting it. Btw he's not a professor, just some jumped up junior lecturer, too dysfunctional to ever get a proper job.

Anonymous said...

@Debate Is Good

How do you debate with someone kicking in your windows, who does not see that as violence.

Maybe an evalution of if he is value for money should be conducted, he benefits from a good income and pension in one the most deprived areas in Europe.

Look at Freedman's track record and his ilk at Goldsmith's and what they get upto.

Where do they get the time in their busy working day to organise and write their communications?

Read their public pronouncements and exchanges to each other, they aren't interested in encouraging debate or free thought.

They think if they can muster a large enough ill informed people together they can impose their will on others.

For example, it's not difficult to stand to be elected as a local councillor.

The socialists who had been on the council for years who totally opposed any cuts were booted off the council, by the people of Lewisham.

He's no better than the boneheads of the NF and EDL.

Erm..missing the point said...

Has he kicked in any windows? His "ilk" what's that then? Do you mean goldsmiths students? Goldsmith students who demonstrate? Goldsmith students who stage sit ins? Or that small subset of the above who are violent? Does he support those who are violent?

Are you suggesting that he is not carrying out his achedemic responsibilities? Or are you suggesting that he's not entitled to express an opinion?

Are you arguing that achedemics who rock the boat or express an opinion other than that of the college should be sacked?

Your obsessed by the window kicking, a tiny minority.

Let me state breaking things is bad both morally and tactically but stamping on people like him because of his politics is mental. Freedom of expression, of assembly and achedemic freedom. Kind of fundamental don't you think?

Anonymous said...

"Prof Zeldin's ambitious plan is to turn the borough of Lewisham into a place where the entire quarter of a million inhabitants can get to know each other. He argues that his approach will break down isolation and alienation, and even create more satisfying jobs."

If this is true, he is mad. Firstly, it is impossible for a quarter of million people to know one another - the human brain isn't made that way. Secondly, because Lewisham has made this a dormitory borough, most of the people who have jobs don't have jobs in the borough so even if they know more people in the borough, it won't make them more satisifed in their jobs!

He is about 3 centuries too late.

Anonymous said...

@Missing the point...

What is an achedmic?

If it is somebody who's views make you ache with laughter, then I guess there are a number of Goldsmith's lecturers who fall into that category.

Anonymous said...

@misssing the point said...

"Kind of fundamental don't you think?"

You can't justify everything by free speech. Are you happy with priests teaching the mantra of death of non-believers? Are you happy with one racial group preaching hatred against another? Are you happy with people encouraging others to commit crime? Somewhere you have to draw the line. And teachers should be more responsible than most.

Sigh said...

An achedemic, yes spellling. Never a strong point. Read my post and see if you can work it out.

Anonymous said...

No, you can't justify everything by free speech. Is this particular person preaching hate, violence, racism? No, he's objecting to government policy and advocating demonstrations etc. Yes, there are limits but he isn't close to it.

Living in a free democracy does not mean not objecting or making a noise. If you can't grasp that, frankly the vote is wasted on you,

Try again.

Professor said...

I thought academic debate was about reasoned argument, not facile polemic?

Anonymous said...

And not an automatic gainsaying of the others opinion?, it's not.

Anonymous said...

"An achedemic, yes spellling. Never a strong point. Read my post and see if you can work it out."

Not your fault. Your teachers were probably more concerned about going on marches than teaching spelling.

kolp said...

Er no, I won't be posting my address!

Your points are wild anyway others have answered you.

Right now we are witnessing the wholesale reassembly (some say destruction) of English welfare, education, health, benefits by a government that does not have an electoral mandate to do so. It's not unreasonable to expect some challenge to this in a democracy.

Nope....still missing the point said...

My teachers were the same as many others. Most great, most underpaid some idiots.

Anyway, like I say. Silly pops about the tabloid bogeyman - the right on teacher just about sums up your thinking.

If you teach or lecture it does not mean you have to give up ever having a controversial opinion. Democracy is messy, it does not mean the minority (if indeed it is a minority) have to accept without protest.

As it happens I think students should contribute more to their education, I also don't see a conflict with there being a stroppy teacher saying otherwise. Protesting does not put anyone in the same category as a twerp throwing a fore extinguisher off a roof. In the same way, someone calling for tighter immigration rules is not equivalent to an EDL thug.

Do you see? Let me know if you want more advice.

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