Brockley Market - Opening line-up revealed

The Brockley Market team have revealed the 17 stallholders who will feature on their opening day this Saturday.

They promised to raise the bar for local foodies and he has not let us down, as this saliva-inducing line-up of local heroes and exotic delicacies proves:

Dark Fluid Coffee РServing award winning coffee and retail beans ground on site for home brewing РSchr̦dinger's cat Blend

Sugar and Vanilla Cakes - Breakfast treats: baby banana loaves; corn and raspberry's jam muffins; friands; zucchini and marmalade bread, cheddar and scallion scones. Cookies: choc chip and macadamia; melting moments; giant peanut butter; assorted shortbread shapes (vanilla, rosemary etc).·Cakes and tarts: little flour-less chocolate cakes; blackberry and cinnamon cake; carrot cake; hummingbird cake; chocolate and chestnut torte; lemon and pine nut tart; orange and almond cake (gluten free). Other: cheesecake brownie. 

Aston Bakers - A selection of breads and french pastries - Including Seeded Cob, London Rye, Malted Grain Cob, Pain au Levin, Cibatta, Sourdough Rye

Norbiton Cheese - Week 1 selection, Montgomery's Cheddar, Keens Cheddar, Sharpham Rustic, Garlic Yarg, Colston Bassett Stilton, Cropwell bishop, Tunworth, Barkham Blue, Lancashire Bombs, Brie De Meaux, Donge Manachego, Ticklemore Goats, Cornish Blue, Blue Monday, Gubbeen, Smoked Gubbeen, Poacher, Doddingtons

Hand Picked Shellfish Company - Fish caught on the Friday sold at the market on Saturday

Bank Farm - Seasonal Game, Kent Grown vegetables, Eggs

Independent Trotters - Rare Breed Pork Farmer - Bacon, Sausages and all things porky Marsh Farm - Beef, Lamb and Poultry - A wide selection of breeds and cuts (can order large joints etc in the week and pick them up at the market on Saturday)

Wild Country Organics - we specialise in producing a wide variety of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, and salad leaf. We now have over 5 acres of glasshouses and grow organic salads and oriental vegetables year round and without heating, improving their flavour and making our protected crops the greenest available.

Perry Court Farm - Vegetables, Fruit, Apple Juice and Flowers - Perry Court Farm has been growing wonderful fruit and vegetables in a responsible and environmentally friendly way for three generations now. Traditional methods of farming have been passed down, and mixed with modern know-how on sustainable agricultural practises, to give a way of producing food that really works in the long run.

Box Chillies - Culinary Plants and fresh flowers - Chillies, Plants and a range of vegetable plants including cut and come again lettuces, sweetcorn, aubergines, asparagus, peas, beans and many more are available at shows and markets.

Browns of Brockley - Browns will be providing dairy products direct from the farmer/farm they use for the shop.

London Particular - Week one Sourdough Donuts with homemade fillings, then breakfast sandwiches the following week.

Red Herring Smoke House - We smoke free range and rare breed meats, and fish - in Hackney. Will also be serving there great bacon buttie with home made ketchup and brown sauce.

Honey from Brockley - Local Brockley Bee keepers Noa and Daniel will be selling there honey and will also be bringing some bees and also bee! on hand to answer any bee related questions.

The Bowler Meatballs – Gourmet Balls on the go, quality ingredients, free range meats. Mixed with love, balled by hand.

A G Brookman - Kent's first organic and bio-dynamic farm selling Vegetables, Salads.

Mike Hall - Brockley's artist laureate will sell some of his work

The Brockley Market will be held every Saturday in the Lewisham College car park, Lewisham Way, 10am-2pm.


Anonymous said...

So mung and so yummy.

Can't wait.

mb said...

looks like breakfast will be some time after 10:00am this weekend.

Particularly interesed in the fish. The two mongers (mungers?)in Deptford are good but some of the fish looks a little tired to my untutored eye.

[que splutering outrage by those angry about stuff]

Anonymous said...

Will it be every Saturday? Where?
Very exciting!

Mung Watcher said...

I went through the list and only found 3 mung references which is good for an event like this.

List of dishonest, unfair fare sellers as follows:

"wonderful fruit and vegetables in a responsible and environmentally friendly way"

"sustainable agricultural practises"

"organic and bio-dynamic farm"

food lover said...

I think I have put on calories just reading the line up. But I have to go easy spending wise. £10 budget, we'll see how far that gets me.

Anonymous said...

I got a leaflet through the door yesterday, looks great.
They have more info on the website

tyrwhitt ali said...

I'd highly recommned the Sugar and Vanilla cakes!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I think I'm drowning in twee.

What about good, honest market fare?

good honest opinion said...

You, drowning?

Thats the most positive thing i've heard all day.

Jamie said...

Anonymous 16:20,
Look, you're clearly uncomfortable with this level of foodie fare - you're obviously more of a 'Tesco Value' kind of guy and fair enough, if that's what hardens your arteries, but judging by the enthusiastic posts above you are in the minority.
Instead of your dull, repetitive sniping why not relax, have a nice sit down with a 20% meat Greggs sausage roll and let the rest of us enjoy our market.

Mb said...

Anon, go to deptford Market just down the road. I do and probably still will AND this this one. Don't think there is anything compulsory about brockley Market.

May have to quit work..... said...

Sounds soooo good.

@ Brockley Market - Please open later so I have time to go after work! At least don't let the stalls close up early. I can probably get there for 1.55, time to run around all the stalls and grab some lunch??

Brockley Market said...

Re: above 20 September 2011 19:49

We may open later if the market is a success, but first we need to get the market established within the community, in the meantime May have to quit work..... said...' we are happy to do your shopping for you and you can collect on your way back from work.

The only way the market can succeed is by people getting into the habit of coming back week in week out and supporting the local farmers and producers..

We have been asking local people what type of produce they would like to see at the market and will continue to do so and hope that on Saturday you feel there will be something for all budgets and tastes.

It will be the first time that all the stalls will have set up together so we ask you to be patient, as we may not hit the ground running from week one, you will however have 17 stall holders who have a love and passion for what they are selling and most will also be involved in the rearing/growing and making of what you are buying.

Lewisham college business students will also be getting involved with the market and will be handing out promotional material on Friday morning at Brockley, St Johns and Crofton Park stations, the bigger plan is to get them helping out on some stalls and to eventually to be running there own stall and commissioning other students within the college to make goods for them to sell at the market.

We have already had 30 local residents help by volunteering to post marketing leaflets on the streets they live on, which has been very much appreciates!

Hope to see you Saturday and please do spread the word in the community.

For more info

We will use the website to list what is on sale every week at the market and also include seasonal recipes and information about the farmers/producers etc..

Facebook: brockley market
twitter: @brockleymarket
mail: hello@brockleymarket

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, calm down. It's just food.

Brockley Gal said...

Well done for getting the leaflets out - hope it stays dry for week two - look forward to visiting this new market and really pleased that students from the local college getting involved.

Anonymous said...

This looks great atd delicious.
Glad to see that the market organisers are aware of the need to balance the issues of price and quality.
Greatly looking forward to seeing what's stocked on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

All looks very promising.

A very welcome initiative.

May have to give up work..... said...

@BM - thank you for the very kind offer but I'm hoping to send my husband down with a shopping list and then hopefully join him at closing for coffee and brunch. I'll just miss the atmosphere.

I have been spreading the word and will continue to do so.

Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

10AM-2PM? I work all week, I'm just getting out of bed at 2!

Anonymous said...

I love the concept of The Brockley Bees - perhaps Noa and Daniel will have trained them to do a market fly-past, a cheaper and less noisy version of the Red Arrows.

Anonymous said...

Why a Brockley Market is being situated on a horrendous traffic and crime blackspot (basically on Lewisham way) when there are acres of beautiful greenery within the area itself beats me? Better to call it Deptford or Lewisham Way market.

Anonymous said...

Better to call it Lewisham Way or Deptford Market. It hardly qualifies for a Brockley market.

Mb said...

It's in the ward of brockley, part of lewisham (think Ben diagrams) Lewisham has a market, deptford has a market. A bit of differentiation and a brassica pun. What's not to like?

Brockley Nick said...

"Why a Brockley Market is being situated on a horrendous traffic and crime blackspot.. beats me"

Because this spot is neither. Traffic is fine and I am not aware of any particular crime hotspots there.

This is one of the loveliest spots in Brockley, if you care to look at it. The failure of imagination displayed by critics of this site is amazing.

Saturday will prove you wrong.

Mb said...

Venn diagrams obviously.

Is an armed raid on the olive pushers likely? Are there many areas with as much scope to expand and as many bus routes? Hilly fields has a Market. It's very poor.

This may fail but not due to location, sounds ideal actually.

Mb said...

Can I just say I'm not sleeping with nick? He just agrees with everything I say or am about to say.

Anonymous said...

Crime hot spot??!! It's from 10am - 2pm, not 10pm - 2am...I think everyone's safe...and the location is in Brockley, hence the name.

Bring it on I say! All the food sounds delicious :)

whatever, man said...

I don't recall hearing all of these South and West Brockley snobs going off on the location of the Talbot when it opened. The market is in Brockley, whether or not it's on your doorstep. That little patch between the two is by far the nicest stretch of Lewisham Way with nice terraces and beautiful mature leafy trees. Get over it and let the love in.

Joe Bloggs said...


What is also amazing is that anyone would take the time to be negative about something such as this!

Surely there's something more going on there!?

Regardless of such trivial drivel, the market line up looks great and I'll be there for sure.

Maybe the critics should actually experience something before critiquing it? just a thought.....

Bored and tired said...

It looks fab, I can't wait but am away for the opening week. Damn. I am very pleased that I will be in walking distance of great fish and meat in particular. People who come up with negative things to say about something that is surely 100% positive for the area are just plain weird.

location, location, location said...

I think the location is rather advertising as all those hundreds of drivers and bus passengers on Lewisham Way see it and wonder what's going on. If the event is then good enough, it will become a destination in it's own right for people to travel too.

Very exciting stuff and I wish the organisers all the best for this saturday.

tip said...

Bring carrier bags.

Anonymous said...

How does it work if you are interested in running a stall?? Thanks...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

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Viagra soft, thong, sexy pajamas, role-play service

the above translated !!!!!!

Morris Day said...

Now that's the sort of Market I'd be interested in!

tip said...

Weather forecast for saturday morning, similiar outlook to today, grey overcast with temperatures a single degree higher at 19.

Anonymous said...

It's away from all those nasty shops and shoppers in Brockley, Lewisham, Deptford and New Cross. Means we posh people can nip in and out in our cars without meeting any oiks hurrah!

Mb said...

Update at 18:55 22-23 degrees. God officially likes Brockley

James said...

Aircraft cup? I wonder if my model Spitfire is good enough to win.

Anonymous said...

Brockley Market (car park on corner of Tressilian Rd and Lewisham Way) is great, inexpensive and a wonderful alternative to bland supermarket shopping. The food is exceptionally good and the atmosphere is lovely. Ignore the mean, negative comments - anyone going there has a free choice and can avoid what they might not like. Go and find out for yourself.

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