The Quick and the Dead

John Herod: This is my town! If you live to see the dawn, it's because I allow it. I'm in charge of everything! I decide who lives or who dies! 
- The Quick and the Dead

Southwark Council is conducting an "urgent" consultation on the future of its burial grounds as "burial space is running out very fast." Honor Oak Recreation Ground is the particular focus of the consultation. Currently used for community sport, it may be turned in to another cemetery, which would be a travesty

The options being considered are:

A)    Re-use of common graves
B)    Re-use of private graves
C)    Use of burial chambers.
D)    Find a burial site outside of Southwark
E)    Share a cemetery elsewhere or buy graves from private owner
F)    Work with other local authorities to source land for a new cemetery
G)    Use all or some of Honor Oak Park Recreation Ground
H)    Stop burying people in Southwark

Any of the other options would be better than G and with these options available it's astonishing that digging up precious green space is even being considered. Have your say here.