Catford Central meets South East Central

Following the success of the Peckham forum, which has rapidly become one of the busiest on South East Central, we're delighted to welcome a new moderator to the Catford forum. Catford Grrl already runs hyperlocal site Catford Central, covering mews and events in Catford, Downham, Rushey Green, Hither Green and surrounding areas and she'll be helping to ensure that the forum covers the most important issues in Catford.

In its few short months, the forum has attracted nearly 600 members and generated over 3,000 posts. After initially being Brockley-biased, it's grown to provide a much broader picture of life in South East London, but with dedicated sections for each neighbourhood, so you can focus on matters on your own doorstep, if that's what you want to do.

We're particularly happy that the forum is linking up other hyperlocal blogs in the area, since South East London is uniquely blessed with high quality local websites and the forum has been enriched by contributions from the likes of 853, Deptford Dame and Transpontine.