Crofton Park "Tesco" meeting with Lewisham Council

Annabelle writes:

Just thought locals might like to know that there is a meeting being held with Lewisham Council planners next week about the new building application for the corner of Brockley Road and Sevenoaks Rd in Crofton Park, opposite the Brockley Jack.

The developers have knocked down the old building in the past week without planning permission having being granted for the latest proposed development [although planning permission already exists for an earlier proposal], so lot of people already seeing red - as it was a 1930s block very in keeping with the area.

Workers on site say a Tesco is being built on the ground floor, under three more storeys of flats. The planning reference is DC/11/77384. 

Anyway, what the council calls an "informal meeting" to allow planners to "assess the areas of concern before the application is considered" is being held on Tuesday September 20 at 6pm at St Hilda's Church, Brockley Rd (corner of Courtrai Rd).

You can vote on whether you would like to see or use a Tesco in Crofton Park here.