Best newcomer 2011 - Brockley Market [UPDATED]

Congratulations to Brockley Market, the runaway winner of Brockley Central's Best Newcomer 2011 Award. Against the strongest field we've ever had, Brockley Market won 42% of the 503 votes recorded.
Since it launched in September, the Market has been a phenomenon, drawing in around 1,500 shoppers every week by offering a blend of high quality produce, options to suit a range of budgets, hot food and drink stalls, seating and even entertainment, to make it worth a visit, even if you've done your weekly shopping already. The result is a fantastic atmosphere and a market that draws admiring glances (and punters) from across South East London. The attention to detail and the energy the owner puts in to reinventing the market each week means that its success should be sustainable long in to the future.

UPDATE: Toby, founder of Brockley Market, says:

"It is great to have been voted best newcomer of the year by Brockley Central followers and congratulations also to the 9 other nominees who set up a new business in 2011.

"Thanks to everyone who has visited and supported the market producers and traders since we started on September 24th. We will be closed for one week this Saturday (31st) and then back weekly from January 7th. We hope you continue to support local business in 2012."

Honorable mentions too to Mo Pho (second) and Slater & King (third), either of whose voting tallies would have been enough to win the 2010 Award, but the record number of votes cast meant that they were left for dust by the Market.


Mb said...

The cheesy video is good.

Anonymous said...

and how many of them will survive 2012...

Antinon said...

Well some anon clown predicted that brockley market would be finished in the "new year". I'm sure he or she (let's face it, it's a he) is busily convincing himself that he actually meant before Easter, or perhaps in the first half of the year or some other sufficiently vague date in the future.

TheOracle said...

I predict Ace Van Hire will occupy all the on-street parking spaces that D&M Van Hire hastily vacated.

Brockley Newbie said...

I'm one of the new arrivals to Brockley, moved from Portland, OR which is crazy with markets and food trucks. I just love the Brockley Market.

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