The Abruptly-Ending Story

Sunday, 29th April
Jam Circus
7pm – 9.30pm
£5 on the door (from 6.30pm)

This Sunday is the last in the current season of Story Jam events at Jam Circus. Alys writes:

LIP THUMB & TOE  tie up their first Season with tales of surprising guinea pigs, upside down old ladies, mutant aunts and gullible royalty.

SEEING US OUT IN STYLE... CAT GERRARD,  ALYS TORRANCE and ALICE FERNBANK of LIP THUMB & TOE Storytelling Crew will be doing their damndest to make you laugh, gasp, cheer and riot.

JOINED BY...The musical beauty and wit of LEWIS BARFOOT

AND NOT FORGETTING...THE FIVE MINUTE CHALLENGE. MIRANDA ROSZKOWSKI ambitiously attempts to tell a whole story in 5 minutes flat

WHILST YOU settle in with an excellent pint or two of beer (or a glass of wine if you're from North London).