The Evening Standard on Deptford and New Cross

The Evening Standard's Homes & Properties has managed to write about Deptford and New Cross without banging on about the A2. It's a good write-up with an interesting brief history of the area. Among the highlights is this passage about local shops:

The shops in New Cross are clustered on New Cross Road close to Goldsmiths College. Cafe Crema is a popular vegetarian café; New Cross House is a gastropub specialising in pizzas, and the London Particular is the best local restaurant. Prangsta sells recycled vintage, the Allotment is a fairly new fruit and veg shop with a deli counter, and Dig This Nursery is the retail outlet of a nursery in Welling. The Hill Station is a community-run café at the top of the hill between the two Telegraph Hill parks.

Check it out.