The Old Milk Float

In the third in our unplanned series of articles about the eccentric machines parked on our pavements, we can now reveal the purpose of the milk float that has been exciting BC readers on Upper Brockley Road. And before anyone pipes up to suggest that this is some sort of device for delivering milk to people's homes, it isn't. That would be too easy.

John Burtt explains:

I'm an events organiser, who's hoping to return milk floats to the streets of London via a series of events and festivals. So far, my company The Old Milk Float has put on a Diamond Heist ( in Islington, created a food fight in an art gallery, and last week we threw a 'kid's rave' in Ruskin Park for 'Trees For Cities'.

This year, the float will be at everything from Lovebox to the Olympics, so keep an eye out for the float on your travels around the area.