Nat's Bake and Juices raided by police

On Friday, March 23rd, police raided the premises of Nat's Bake and Juices in Brockley Cross, making two arrests. The police say:

Intelligence was received suggesting drug dealing was taking place at the premises, with up to 30 people an hour arriving to buy drugs. 

20 people were present at the location and two arrests were made, one for possession with intent to supply money laundering, another for possession with intent to supply, extracting electricity and allowing his premises to be used for drug dealing. The men arrested have been bailed pending further enquiries. 

Officers from Brockley Safer Neighbourhoods Team assisted in securing the premises and the Brockley Ward Panel chair was present acting as a civilian observer. 

PS Jim Abbott, Licensing said: “These raids on Friday send a clear message to licence owners that you need to comply with the law, anyone using these premises to sell drugs or engage in any criminal activity will be severely dealt with. These premises are a crime generator in the borough.

The site of police vans in Brockley Cross is pretty common and Nat's Bake and Juices has been raided in the past and reopened for business shortly afterwards. However, this time, the premises has remained closed for weeks and, combined with the the building work taking place, means that the area is dramatically more quiet.

Local residents were sent a letter around the time of the raid, to reassure them that the action was not terrorist related. This move and the recent raids in Upper Brockley Road, seem to represent a dramatically tougher approach to policing in Brockley.

Coincidentally, Brockley Cross has been the scene of several serious gang-related violent crimes in recent years.