Van wild - third-party liaison

Carol is hoping to be united with a woman called Eli who witnessed a dinking. She says:

One evening last month someone crashed into our car with a tow bar while it was parked on Cranfield road, and left the scene quickly. The damage amounted to quite a few hundreds of pounds. 

A good Samaritan (testifying how nice people are in Brockley) left us a note through our door on Cranfield Road saying that she saw the crash, and wrote down the number plate of the fleeing silver van – she signed the note as Eli but she didn’t leave her number. 

The silver van owner was later identified by our insurance but unfortunately he denies having caused the damage although admits driving the van. He is not a resident, but a regular commuter into Brockley and his silver van is regularly parked around the station. 

Our insurance company would like to speak to the nice lady who left the message. Unfortunately the note was not sufficient to convince the other party insurance to accept responsibility. After all, they cunningly claim that, without a witness one cannot be sure. 

If any of your readers named Eli remembers seeing the accident on the evening of the 22nd February 2012 at about 8.15pm and leaving us a note, could you please get in contact? All we require is that you speak briefly to our insurance on the phone to tell them what they saw.

If Eli reads this and wants to help, please email BC and we'll connect you with Carol.