The Brockley Design Hunt, April 28th

This Saturday, local group 'the Brockley Design Project' are organising an SE4 treasure hunt to help people discover the architectural gems hidden locally. They've laid a trail of clues around the area and are inviting groups of 2-6 people to take part.

Organiser Charlie says:

We have organised access to some great local venues on the way around and the old TM2 cafe are using the event to reveal their new name, you can't set more SE4 exclusive than that! Plus there's plenty of places for people to get refreshed and wee on the way round and the sun might even shine!

The route will take 2-3 hours at a leisurely pace and if you want to take part, just contact Charlie via Twitter or email who'll tell you how it all works.


kolp said...

These are same the people behind the ice-skating at Hilly Fields.

A slicker version of the BXAG it seems...

Brockley Jon said...

Why slicker? They're just focused on different things. More about celebration than action, and why not! Sounds great.

Robert said...

Yes - The Brockley Design Project put the Ice Skating Event on - although we were calling ourselves "The Brockley Design Festival" at that point.

We decided to change the name to "Project" as it became clearly apparant that we were not going to be able to organise all of the events that we wanted to do in a short space of time.

So now "The Brockley Design Project" is open-ended. We can keep going until we run out of steam - or until everyone loses interest (whichever comes first).

Please come along (even if it means bringing an umbrella) - it will be a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

They sound like a more reserved version of the BDS to me.

Clue maker general said...

Well we did want to involve all sections of the local 'community'.

But having approached the BDS they declined the offer of a clue reflecting the multi-uses of public space with the SE4 area.

Maybe you could contact your 'members' for a last minute inclusion?

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