More raids on Upper Brockley Road

Last night, Lewisham police conducted more raids on properties on the corner of Upper Brockley Road and Lewisham Way.

On the Brockley forum, Headhunter reports that he saw:

3 police riot vans and many armed/riot police. Lots of bystanders watching. I saw a guy who looked like a chef with an apron on being led into 1 of the vans with handcuffs on.

On Twitter, Lewisham police explained:

The Brockley Safer Neighbourhood Team and Territorial Support Group officers have just raided three premises at Upper Brockley Rd. We hit the addresses this evening following numerous complaints. A number of arrests made and drugs seized. 

This is the latest in a series of actions by the authorities in this location in recent months, which are aimed at addressing problems with crime and anti-social behvaiour which have dogged residents for more than a decade.