The Times on New Cross: "Upwardly mobile but still boho"

More buzz around New Cross, this time in The Times property section, which uses John Lanchester's fictional Pepys Road to look at life around another Pepys Road in New Cross. It says:

With Canary Wharf just across the river, New Cross might be home to one or two bankers, but it is a far cry from the “City ghetto” that Clapham has become. Residents are more likely to be those who can’t afford Blackheath and come in the form of doctors, lawyers, teachers and media types. The families who have lived in New Cross for generations remain and there are plenty of arty types from nearby Goldsmiths to keep things lively.

Brockley roads Vesta and Wallbutton get a name check among the "best streets" too.

Thanks to Gill from the Allotment who alerted us (and is chuffed to have been mentioned in both articles this week).