The London Mayoral Elections - the other three

David Ershon: Gentlemen, you have two choices: Mamma Mia or Jersey Boys.
- The Other Guys

Following our article about the two main contenders for the Mayoral election, here is our take on the other three candidates, who won't win, but anyway...

Unforgivably dull on I’m a Celebrity a few years ago, Brian Paddick is back for another go in the Mayoral race, but without the excuse that he’s a previous winner. Big on law and order issues, he promises “New York-style crime reductions” (homicides in NYC approx. 500 per year, homicides in London approx. 125 per year).


His proposal for an independent police commissioner probably the right forward for the Met.

His plans to make cycling safer and improve air quality are not the most ambitious, but they are probably the most that’s achievable.

‘Part-timer’ Oyster card rates is the right solution for increasingly flexible working patterns and the one hour bus ticket is nice.


Beyond policing, his manifesto is a little light on detail, with lots of talk about “encouraging” and “promoting” things that are happening anyway.

He proposes a London version of the national plan for a “Green Investment Bank” and while it might make sense to have one for the country, one specific to London (one of the biggest capital markets in the world) is probably not the right way forward.  

One of his policies is actually called “Paddick Patrols”.

In her time on Southwark Council and with the GLA, Jenny has proven herself to be a committed and effective politician, considerably smarter and more worldly than Caroline Lucas.


Prepared to use Congestion Charge to help keep fares down and discourage more polluting vehicles.

Wants to give a greater voice to small and micro businesses on the London Local Enterprise Partnership and provide better help for them to win procurement contracts.

As you might expect, she has some nice ideas for investment in green technology, including LED lighting and smart waste management centres to cut landfill.


Tough talk on reducing income inequality undercut by the lame policies intended to achieve this grand goal.  Lots of talk about income, little about wealth, possibly because they know their core voters.

Perhaps surprisingly, her ideas for green spaces in London are the least inspiring of any of the major candidates.

One of her priorities is to change the planning system to guarantee we all have access to a nearby newsagent, which is the most unnecessary policy ever proposed.

The first thing Benita wants you to know is that she’s an outsider, independent of the party system. The second thing she wants you to know is that she’s worked as an insider in central government for years. Once you get past the irritating plucky outsider (not really) stuff, she’s a credible, personable candidate, who has  seduced many a commentator and who would be a good ambassador for London.


Admirable commitment to state education in London and reforming access to secondary school places.

She grudgingly supports a third runway at Heathrow, which, unless the UK unilaterally signs-up to a policy that limits air travel, is the only honest position to take.

Free travel for job seekers is a good idea if it can be made to work.


A bureaucrat’s fondness for reviews (independent one on policing, Councils must survey residents’ “top five issues”) and imposing red tape of dubious benefit (‘private property MOTs’).

A civil servanty tendency to propose an audit and / or a commissioner in response to any issue. Do we really need an urban fox audit to assess the scale of the problem?

Her home – New Malden – barely counts as London in our book.


kolp said...

I wish this had been ordered by alphabetically by surname!

The urban fox issue is something that came up from looking at local priorities IF, after looking at the issue more widely across London she finds it has support she'll devote more resources to it.

She's about being as transparently democratic as possible.

Anonymous said...

Brian Paddick also wants to legalise smokable fare and led successful movements to do this within the police - concentrating on more serious crimes.

If New Malden doesn't count as London then Mungley certainly doesn't.

Brockley Boy said...

Why is there no write up about UKIP and the BNP? Both have candidates standing.Although their policies are not something that i support i believe that by not mentioning them you are indulging in your own form of censorship. You should really mention ALL candidates standing despite your personal opinions on them. Disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Smokable fare?


Anonymous said...

I don't think Nick has offered this post in the interests of fare and balanced journalism - there wouldn't be the very much mung-led pros and cons for each candidate otherwise (e.g. - the green party using congestion money to fund whatever - oh so the congestion charge is a good thing then?)

That said, I'm a first choice BNP, second choose Green.

Brockley Nick said...

@BB - I'd forgotten about UKIP and will add them, if I have time. As for the BNP, I am not about to spend any of my weekend writing about the "pros and cons" of the manifesto of a bunch of crooks, morons and fascists. That's not 'censorship'. If anyone wants to critique their candidacy, they are welcome to use this thread to do so.

Anonymous said...

The BNP do have pros - free parking in town centres for instance. Honest government.

Anonymous said...

'Smokeable fare' - what, like kippers?
No point writing about the BNP - I doubt many of their supporters can read.

DJ said...

' parking in town centres for instance. Honest government'

Hahaha - nice one. Imagine if that were their actual manifesto!! Marvelous satire - well done.

kolp said...

Mayoral elections are about the people that stand not the parties. It is something I have to be reminded of such is the draw of the old model.

Think about it who out of the people standing who will be a fabulous Ambassador for London?
Who doesn't pit groups against each other, who is inclusive rather than divisive, who is articulate, knows how government works, has their hair under control!

Women have suffered disproportionately under the austerity programme, imposed by central governtment, which candidate is best placed to understand that and do something to redress the balance.

Anonymous said...

BNP Manifesto:

Crime and Policing - Zero-tolerance on anti-social behaviour
The Economy - Reduce taxation
Transport - Oppose automation of Underground services
The Environment - Improve existing recycling facilities across the city
Housing - Provide extra housing Londonwide
Immigration - By supporting us, we step closer to the day when we are able to control our borders
London Businesses - All GLA contracts should be awarded to London businesses
Commonsense funding - All Londoners, regardless of ethnic background, should benefit from public projects


British people must be housed first
No amnesty for illegal immigrants
Build a better NHS
Zero tolerance on crime and anti-social behaviour
British jobs for British workers
Abolish the Congestion Charge, CPZ and LEZ
Reduce council tax
Free weekend Tube and train travel

An honest vote for a traditional candidate.

DJ said...

Is that all eh? They seems to have missed off 'free sex and money for all' there!
Amazing. And they say BNP supporters are thick...

NAT said...

Lower taxes and increase money spent on housing at the same time.

A manifesto to be written with crayons.

And its our Honest Fayre friend isn't it?

Baron God said...

Bonita must have the most unbalanced demographic ever, 100% of her support from males over 50 in social groups A & B. 0% support from anyone else.

Rational Plan said...

Bonita is not really an 'independent' candidate who just happened to decide one day to take on the mantle of public service. She has already said she is minded to support Labour. She is a very senior civil servant who already has endorsement from Gus O'Donnel, lots of backing from the Guardian. It's clear she is being introduced as the candidate the Blairites would have preferred if Labour had any actual gumption. This is either a dry run for 2016 or potential MP in 2015, where she promptly be promoted to shadow minister/minister depending on the outcome of the election.

Anonymous said...

Why have the BNP got a foreign candidate? I can't vote for them now.

Anonymous said...

Whichever way you vote, don't vote for the mungs. They presided over Brockley's decline since 2005.

DJ said...

Brockley's got loads better since 2005. They get my vote - thanks for the tip!

Mb said...

"oppose automation of underground services" well the vic line has essentially been automated since the early 70's. The "driverless" trains will still have to have a trained person on board to operate safely so not really a policy, more like the sound you get when you teach your dog to say "sausages".

Anonymous said...

The TFL workers party - proposing a mandatory daily strike.

Mb said...

Anonymous said...

I want to present the Olympics, but would like Bonita voted to become Mayor too shake things up.

So she has to...

1) Allow Boris to be the face of London at the Olympics

2) Give an assurance she will not join an existing Party after being elected.

Anonymous said...

To look at Jenny Jones reminds me of a muppet or spitting image puppet?

Is that rouge on her cheeks or a fresh complexion?

kolp said...

Ok 4 days to go...4 more years of the uncombed one? Or a fresher face?
La Indy Benita?

Anonymous said...

Boris all the way.

Anonymous said...

A third runway? Surely we have enough constant aircraft noise over Brockley?

Brockley Nick said...

@RP - I don't really see that it matters whether she's a "real" independent candidate or not?

Rational Plan said...

It does matter whether she is a real independent or not. If she is a closeted future Labour candidate then it it dishonest, as there are some people who would not vote for her if she was a labour candidate.

People will be voting for Ken, even though they dislike him, because he is the Labour candidate.

Rational Plan said...

Also Jenny jones is doing herself no favours by so slavish in her devotion to Ken, as she might as well say a vote for her is a vote for Ken. Plus not all green voters are ex Labour party people.

Brockley Nick said...

@RP - still don't really see the problem, to be honest.

"If she is a closeted future Labour candidate then it it dishonest, as there are some people who would not vote for her if she was a labour candidate."

But she isn't the Labour candidate. Ken is. Whatever she may do in future, we can't know and it doesn't matter. MPs switch sides in the Commons. Does that make their original platform dishonest?

If she is elected Mayor, you're not suggesting she'd become a Labour Mayor - she'd surely remain "independent".

"People will be voting for Ken, even though they dislike him, because he is the Labour candidate."

More fool them for allowing tribal party politics to rule their decision making processes. People elected Ken as an independent candidate in the first instance, even though he was very obviously a Labour man through and through and he is now running as their official candidate - does that make his original run as Mayor "dishonest"?

She's obviously a centrist, Blairite sort of character - anyone who's bothered to learn of her existence will have spotted that.

kolp said...

Ms Benita will be at the top of the ballot paper...

Anonymous said...


kolp said...

Innit! And you know what, vote her & give Paddy Power, currently offering 40-1 odds down from 25-1 last week a smacking too!

Anonymous said...

I think anyone hoping for some kind of London Spring there will be disappointed, but good luck.

Rational Plan said...

More fool them for allowing tribal party politics to rule their decision making processes. People elected Ken as an independent candidate in the first instance, even though he was very obviously a Labour man through and through and he is now running as their official candidate - does that make his original run as Mayor "dishonest"?

Considering the Guardian and the Labour party have pretty much said that you should put a clothes peg on your nose and vote for Ken, that is the current state of affairs.

Ken is, he is really a member of the Ken party. People voted for Ken because they knew him, they liked him cocking a snook at Blair, the distance of time had made people forget some of his vices.

Bonita campaign has studiously vague to her politcal support she believes in. Reading her responses to some of candidate questions it also very vague, she sure does love commitees though, nearly all her answers involved them in some way.

I'm not sure what the purpose of her running is, other than to establish herself with centrist section of the Labour party.

If Ken was romping it home in the polls, she would never of appeared.

kolp said...

Benita on Heathrow expansion; she supports a third runway for Heathrow on that basis that this goes hand in hand with an extensive noise reduction programme.

This is a sensible, pragmatic approach.

We want and need someone who is going to zero in on the detail of such deals and get the best for Londoners.

If you look at the details of the so called "Boris Bike" scheme you'll see that Barclays got rather too good a deal.

As a Boris backer Charles Moore said of him " He is a lazy workaholic — too busy doing things to do them thoroughly"


Is this the type of character you want running London?

Anonymous said...

"Is this the type of character you want running London?" In comparison with the alternatives, yes.

Anonymous said...

Bonita is running for one reason get a top job in public life or a safe Labour MP seat.

She exaggerates her experience in the Civil Service. And was on her way out once Gus O'Donald left (her mentor, well maybe more...)


Yes, an attractive woman. So there must have been "more going on" if her male boss praised her.

Says more about your pea sized brain than the candidate.

(still not voting for her though)

kolp said...

Oh dear, there's some ropey comments on this blog , but you anon 2 May 2012 02:27 take the the biscuit. I'm surprised a comment like that hasn't been deleted... anyway.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brockley Nick said...

@kolp the comment was ambiguous and effectively laughed out of court by the comment below it, so I let it stand.

Anonymous said...

Brockley Nick,

might have been laughed out of court by other comments. but do they know the lady in question?

Anonymous said...

You could say they 'knew' her

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