The name for the new restaurant and bar replacing Toads Mouth Too will be revealed  today as part of the Brockley Design Project local treasure hunt. But they're not making it easy: it's going to appear in anagram form in their window, so you'll have to unscramble it yourselves.

We had a quick look behind the scenes yesterday evening and although it's very much a building site, they had already succeeded in making it feel more spacious. The upstairs bar area in particular was a surprise: we imagined space for a few people lined up on stools along a bar, functioning as a holding area for the restaurant below, but they've found a way to create a (small) lounge space upstairs that, on summer nights when the front terrace will come in to play, will accommodate a decent number of drinkers.

There are still a few places on the treasure hunt for any last minute takers if they drop an email to brockleydesignhunt@gmail.com and the restaurant team will be answering questions for anyone who wants to knock on their door between around 1-3pm.

UPDATE: It's now confirmed that The Gantry is the restaurant and bar's new name, replacing the Druidic and ungrammatical Toads Mouth Too at 188 Brockley Road. More details about the new place, coming soon.