Goodbye to all tat

The Brockley Cross car lay-by is going, to be replaced by a wide pavement, planted with trees and indented with a proper parking bay. The area has been fenced off and the road is being dug up.

The large scoop of grot - which has variously served as a parking bay for vans and hearses but rarely as the short-term parking facility it was intended to be - had the effect of turning Brockley Cross in to a six lane car pile up, wrecking the location's prospects as a sustainable business location, leading to many empty or zombie units.

Its replacement is the biggest single improvement outlined by the master plan. So far, to our untrained eye, the quality of work on the new paving seems to be high.

We'd argue this little patch has been Brockley's biggest eyesore for many years. Which is the new champ?