Uke newcomers needed

Hello! We are the Brockley Ukulele Group, and we are looking for new female vocalists – we’ve had a bit of a baby boom recently, which has taken its toll on our regular line-up.

We are basically looking for someone who has a decent singing voice, and either plays the ukulele or is willing to learn, and who is interested in playing gigs with us, potentially including doing lead vocals on a handful of songs.

Just to give you a bit more info about what to expect if you’re considering getting involved: we are an easygoing bunch, with eclectic music tastes. We practice every Sunday 5-7pm, usually in Brockley, sometimes at the Amersham Arms in New Cross. We play at the Amersham Arms on the second Sunday of every month: the format for those gigs is that we hand out copies of our “Uke Box” to the audience – a list of about 60 songs – and they shout out the numbers of the songs they want us to play.

We also usually play several local festivals during the summer. We’ve had lots of requests to play at weddings, parties, festivals outside London, and even a few TV shows, but so far we’ve turned almost all of them down. We are thinking we might say yes to a few more things in the future, though. We basically choose our gigs based on how much fun we think they’ll be to play! Recently we’ve had some very interesting offers for high profile events, and that is why we really want one or two new female vocalists on board as soon as possible. 

We’ve been asked to play at the Thames Festival (which is part of the Cultural Olympiad) in early September, and ideally we’d want our new member(s) to play at that, so we have a four month countdown starting about now… If you are interested, please email us at and please pass this on to anyone else you know who might be interested – thanks!