Brockley Max Closing Night at Hilly Fields to return - UPDATED

Brockley MAX festival organiser Moira writes:

Brockley Max's Closing Night in 2010 went down a storm. The sun shone, the bands played, the beer flowed and Brockley rocked out all night long. Lots of people have asked whether this year's Brockley Max Festival will include a closing night event. The answer is: maybe.

We'd love Brockley Max to go out with a bang, but we need more volunteers and a bit of help paying for the marquee. If we can get commitments of help by Sunday afternoon, we'll be able to give a resounding 'yes!' to this year's Brockley Max Closing Night and ensure everyone gets to enjoy one hell of a party up on Hilly Fields.

We've got some excellent music and entertainment in the form of Felix's School of Rock and Mariana Pinho's Maracatudo Mafua band and others. In fact, we've a whole host of music and performers to keep everything humming from midday to well after sundown.

As you know, Brockley Max is a community affair & we couldn't put it on without local people's input. To ensure the closing night can go ahead, we need 30 volunteers and/or £600. For every 10 volunteers or £200 pledge we can go an hour later from 6pm.

We're not asking you for £200, of course, but anything you can contribute to help Brockley Max go ahead in the best possible form would be gratefully received.

Our Pleasefundus page is here:

Brockley Max Closing Night is on Saturday 9th June (the second weekend of the Whitsun half term).

If you can volunteer to steward or help litter-pick on the day and ensure Brockley gets to party, please sign up to volunteer by emailing stating what hours you do (2hr, 4hr or 6hr slots from 5.30). 

Remember, we need to reach our sponsorship or volunteer target by Sunday. Many thanks and here's to an eventful Brockley Max 2012!


Moira adds:

We reached the £200 target and a number of volunteers (thank you!)so the Closing Night will go on to 7pm. The full programme will be revealed on our website on 29th April.


Fattyfattybumbum said...

Come on people, give them a couple of quid if you can!

Anonymous said...

It should be paid for by Ladywell people. Apparently, according to them, Hilly Fields is theirs. Bet you they won't though.

Anonymous said...

Don't be a dick. It's a fantastic event, open to anyone. Most of the comments on ownership are tounge in cheek, unless you're hard of thinking and believe it actually matters. It doesn't belong to anyone Ian any practical sense. If you want to sit in it or play football there you just go.

Hardlianotion said...

I'll stick £200 in if I see 3 others prepared to do similar. At the moment, the just giving site is a little anaemic.

Anonymous said...

Part of me wonders why they don't just stay on late anyway and see who'd complain... but then I remembered where I was. Just another days work for the Sky Dish Spotters Brigade.

mb said...

"why they don't just stay on late anyway" 'cos they need the money! cough up!

The Cat Man said...

I am happy to volunteer and provide a 3m x 6m marquee to use - perhaps big enough for a bar? Let me know. A

Moira said...

We reached the £200 target and a number of volunteers (thank you!)so the Closing Night will go on to 7pm.
Cat Man - can you email info at brockley max as we'd love to borrow your marquee.
We still need more volunteers during the day and at The Opening Night so get in touch.
The full programme will be revealed on our website on 29th April.

Moira said...

We need you to help us make the festival a success and we have 30,000 programmes arriving next week. If you can spare an hour to deliver to houses on your road, it makes a huge difference, so please sign up here.

If you can do a stint at the train stations, please sign up here:

If you can spare a couple of hours handing out programmes at the Brockley Market on 6, 13, 22 and 27 May 10 -2pm please get in touch with

Moira said...

The Brockley Max programme is now online!You can download from The website listings will take a few more days to be fully updated. The printed programmes should start appearing in shops etc this weekend. If you can deliver to your street please sign up here:

Anonymous said...

Lots of talk of 'community' on these pages, but little evidence of it in donations to the Brockley Max finale. Only eight people walking the talk so far.

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