The Lost Hour, Greenwich

The Lost Hour
217-219 Greenwich High Road

We were recently invited by Fabhat to the pre-launch of a hyperlocal app for Greenwich and since we don't get invited to many things of any sort, decided to go along. The app's not ready yet, but we'll write about it when it is, as it will be an interesting experiment.

While we were there, we got chatting to the manager of what used to be The Auctioneer pub (on the approach to Greenwich from the station) and what is now (since April 5th) 'The Lost Hour'.

Owned by Stonegate, the pubco that operates Yates's, The Slug and Lettuce and The Scream, as The Auctioneer, it was aimed squarely at the student and tourist market but it has now been reinvented to cater more to Greenwich locals (whilst not turning its back on its traditional clientele).

We've not had a chance to visit since it reopened, but if the move indicates a small shift in Greenwich away from being a tourist trap and towards a more balanced local offer, that can only be a good thing. There are pockets of Greenwich (like the pubs on Royal Hill and the Plume of Feathers on Park Vista) which don't feel  like they're designed to capture punters disembarking from the pier, but they have been a dying breed over the last decade.


Fattyfattybumbum said...

Greenwich has deteriorated so much as a social destination in the last few years.

Unfortunately as it is such a massive tourist centre, mediocrity is sufficient for most businesses to trade, leaving few decent places for locals.

Thinking about it, there are no cool coffee shops to rival say Browns and no decent cafes to rival the Mess, Broca or TM2 - apart from possibly Royal Teas.

There are no bars in Greenwich at all apart from the dreadful Inc establishment Bar du Musee.

And most of the restaurants are either tourist trash, chains or just expensive. No Orchard type of places at all...

On the plus side it does have some decent pubs, however I feel the dreadful Greenwich Pier (Nando-Zizzi-Byron Hell) is the final nail in the coffin or what was once an interesting and vibrant place to socialize.

16" East said...

There is definately some lazy so-so food and service going on in Greenwich but I think to be fair it offers much more choice than Brockley, and locals clearly know where to go for coffee (royal teas, Buenos Aires, Pistachios in the pleasaunce) or hot chocolate (red door, black vanilla : incredibly rich but amazing).

For food its a problem in the mid-ranges with uninspired chains, some nasty cheapies, some good cheapies (zin's and the reopened Goddards pies), and some good uppish level ones (Inside, Old Brewery, The Guildford, perhaps Spread Eagle).

Yes and certainly some lovely pubs on the river (when its quiet!) and tucked away both east and west of the tourists.

16" East said...

Oh forgot to mention the restaurant with more or less stole my blog name; 16 seconds west, above the maritime museum park cafe.

Anonymous said...

Given that there seems to have been a big budget hotel building boom between the station and Deptford Bridge, maybe the tourist market is the one to go for.

Novotel, Premier Inn, Ibis.

Greenwich has a history of milking its heritage status while chasing the tourist dollar and doing deals with big corporations.

There are plans afoot for the development around the indoor market. The outdoor market, has of course been sold to developers.

I remember when the quaint and quirky Bosuns yard was turned into a retail space. Tourists are now favoured with a Boots, M&S, Superdrug, Carphone Warehouse and a Wetherspoons.

The developers seem determined to eradicated the character of the place and turn it into a clone town.

The Pier seems to have gone that way. Such a great location given over to tacky tourist chain restaurants.

The future is looking bland.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have just bin kicked the lost hour for moving a chair. The manager flipped out and called me and my friend twats for moving a chair so my mate could sit down. She was very rude and abusive for no good reason, obviously under alot of stress.

TM said...

I remember when this was an Auction Room. Even that link has been lost with the change of name. It was good for cheap furniture when starting out in life.

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