The Walpole, New Cross

407 New Cross Road 
020 8692 1965

The new manager of The Walpole has introduced himself on the New Cross forum, which seems as good an opportunity as any to create a thread dedicated to this resuscitated boozer, that was once threatened with being converted in to a hotel.

He writes:

As well as the changes on the outside (horrendous painting and yellow signage gone- sorry to anyone who had a different opinion on then) we have made quite a few changes inside as well. We now stock a great range of draught lagers and ciders including Sagres, Heineken and Symonds. At present we only have bottled ales if thats your thing but cask ale will be here as soon as I've had some more work done on the cellar. We also stock a selection of Meantime Beers in bottles as I'm all for supporting local business. 

We now have a different DJ every Friday and Saturday with music ranging through from the 60's right through to the present so there should be something for everyone. We also have an open mic on a Sunday night and are now programming various events on Wednesday nights. 

Please head on over to the forum or post your comments and reviews here.


Anonymous said...

That place had a really weird crowd, it always felt very uninviting. If this has changed too then I'll give it a go.

mp said...

landlord? I understand he's the manager

Brockley Nick said...

Forgive me. I use the term loosely. Now changed.

used to have a social life said...

That pub used to serve some of the finest Guinness, brought to your table as it took so long to serve. Didn't it have a lovely old sign too...or am I thinking of the new cross inn?

Definitely bad painting and signage changed from something that looked fine...Seem to remember decorative Victorian tiles inside too...must get out more.

FrFintonStack said...

Will have to give it a try next time I'm down that way, and looking forward to the cask ale. I would love there to be something interesting: far too many pubs advertising cask ale have only stuff along the lines of Greene King, Shepherd Neame or London Pridge (Fullers do good beers, but Pride isn't one of them), the kind of boring brown bilge that put so many people off cak ale in the first place, and which, at any rate, you can get in the supermarket or 'Spoons far cheaper.

It's a real shame considering how many great breweries there are within a few miles of virtually any pub in London.

Grumpy old cow said...

I quite like the Walpole, but one thing that stops me going in on a weekend is the volume of the music. I understand some music needs to be loud to be appreciated properly, but that's difficult when my ears are bleeding.

There's gauge behind the bar which goes from green to red. One Saturday evening, it didn't drop below the top level of red the whole time I was there - the length of time to neck a pint.

Loud music is ok if the pub is full. When it's empty, it's just painful.

Anonymous said...

Will there be any nights without music?

If not, then I am afraid I will continue to pass by on my way back from New Cross Station as I have done for years (sometimes even thinking that I needed to put my fingers in my ears to prevent ear-drum burst even when passing outside).

TM said...

Probably worth taking this one down now......

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