New Cross war memorial to be unveiled

During World War II, V1 and V2 rockets peppered south London, including Brockley, Deptford, Peckham, Nunhead, Lewisham and New Cross. The damage inflicted left a lasting impression on the cityscape and of course the memories of those who lived through the attacks.

The single most deadly rocket attack took place at 12.33pm on November 25th, 1944, when a V2 struck the Woolworth store in New Cross - killing 168 people died and injuring hundreds more.

The BBC archives include an eyewitness account of the destruction caused. Barbara Smith recalled:

It had fallen at the bottom of my road on the Woolworths store in New Cross. As I hurried home I saw many people who were injured, and others were dead and lying on the pavements and in the road. Ambulances and fire engines were parked nearby, attending to the injured and dying. The air was filled with grit and dust. There was a huge crater on the Woolworth site where the V2 had fallen.

Tomorrow, a plaque will be unveiled in memory of those who died. A memorial service will begin at 12.45, St James Church, while the Mayor will unveil the plaque at the site where the bomb landed, at 2.00pm on Goodwood Road (just off New Cross road).

All are welcome.

An earlier memorial plaque was unveiled on the site in 1994.

With thanks to Tamsin, for letting us know.


Beecroftian said...

There were some excellent maps of Brockley that showed where V2 rockets etc. had hit on Flickr. I'm not sure if they are on there anymore but I did save a copy if anyone is interested.

Tamsin said...

And the church is open from 12.15 for there to be a silent commemoration at 12.33 - the time the bomb actually fell.

Andy Endwell said...

My house is built on the site of a V1 explosion.

Headhunter said...

We had a long discussion here a year or 2 ago about V1 and V2 bomb sites across Brockley and someone posted a link to a map of all the sites across SE London, that was quite interesting. The entire bottom end of Wickham Rd was taken out by a V2, hence the nasty looking 1950s/1960s municipally designed council estate where there would have been large Victorian villas.

Anonymous said...
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monkeyboy on a train said...

golly, he's an angry young man. Cheer up old bean.

Konrad said...

..and then succesfully rebuild the country that ruined you with industrial, trade union and economic structures that you could only dream of having!

Steve said...

I've never had a trade union or economic structure dream...sounds pretty hot though.

Konrad said...

Oh Yes. Vorsprung durch wirtschaftliche und strukturelle Traumtechnik. Or something.

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