Brockley Safer Neighbourhoods

The Autumn newsletter from the Brockley Safer Neighbourhoods team discusses the past and future priorities for tackling crime and anti-social behaviour, listing past achievements and new challenges.


- Fly-tipping

The team worked with Lewisham council environmental team to tackle this problem and identify those involved. Offenders received fines through the post along with photographic evidence. The SNT and the Lewisham Environment team have also set up roadblocks to target vehicles involved. On two separate dates over 100 commercial vehicles were stopped and some received fines for carrying waste while not having the correct documentation. One vehicle was taken off the road permanently due to its poor condition and the driver had received many complaints about fly tipping over the past year. PC Poynter said: “This shows how effective it is to work with partners and the team are hoping this action has put a stop to fly tipping days.”

- The Clare Estate

The SNT has executed warrants in the Clare Estate with successful results.
More patrols and an increase in intelligence-led tactics have made an impact in reducing criminality in this area.

- Brookmill and Ashmead Roads

Increased patrols and stop and searches in the Brookmill Road/park and Ashmead Road areas has made a difference to the levels of anti-social behaviour.

New priorities

The current ward priorities set by the Ward Panel in October for the Brockley Safer Neighbourhoods Team are as follows:

- Youth Engagement in schools and colleges
- Drug dealing in Luxmore Gardens
- Vehicle and burglary crime in the Tressillian Road, Wickham Road, Breakspears Road and Tyrwhitt Road areas

- Recruitment of more Neighbourhood Watch Schemes within the Ward

With thanks to Cllr Walton for highlighting the news.


Tressillian James said...

"Vehicle and burglary crime in the Tressillian Road, Wickham Road, Breakspears Road and Tyrwhitt Road areas"

Glad to see that - had my car vandalised last year, my parents came to visit and had theirs broken into, as did friends.

Would like to know what they are going to do though?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about Ashmead Road. We were burgled on Sunday 18th Oct!

Anonymous said...

I dont think a lot can be done about vandalised cars,But I do think the street lighting around the area could be vastly Improved,Its almost pitch black with the lamp posts on.

Tressilliana said...

Speaking as the wife of a keen amateur astronomer, if Lewisham Council thinks of making changes to street lighting, I do hope they go for the more efficient kind that minimises light pollution. I don't think this costs significantly more, it's just as effective at street level and it gives us more beautiful night skies to admire.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what's the level of staffing of the Safer Neighbourhod Team of Brockley, Crofton Park and Ladywell?
I recently came to know that Lewisham Central is seriously understaffed, there should be 1 Sergent, 4 PCs and 12 PCSOs, there are instead 1 Sergent, 2 PCs and 8 PCSOs.

Anonymous said...

Can the police do a bit of undercover work on lewisham way and bust the drug dealers offering drugs to all and sundry. While they're at it they can use air freshener to get rid of the smell of dope at every bus stop you pass, particullalry the bus stop opp the arthouse leading up to Tescos and the opposite side of the road.

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