Brockley Bites: Community activism edition

A newly-launched news website East London Lines has picked up on the campaign against cuts to Brockley's train services, running an interview with campaign leader Richard Hibbert from the Forest Hill Society.

The site is produced by journalism students and staff at Goldsmiths and aims to be 'the virtual shadow of the new East London Line, connecting communities in virtual space, just as the new line connects them in physical space'.

BC wishes them all the best - and would be pleased to offer advice about covering local matters, if they're interested!


An upcoming event that East London Lines' eager newshounds might like to cover is the 6th meeting of the Brockley Assembly, which will take place on Monday 30th November from 7pm to 9pm at Leander Community Centre, Ship Street SE8 4DH.
Registration takes place from 6.45pm.

Local ward councillors Darren Johnson, Romayne Phoenix and Dean Walton will be present.

The Assembly has already allocated the majority of its annual £50,000 Mayor's Fund, and this latest meeting will vote on how to spend the remaining £12,500.
The projects which are up for consideration include:
*** A voluntary 'Time Bank' scheme;
*** Arts events as part of the Brockley Max festival;
*** A dance course for young people, to be run by the Laban Dance Centre.

Attendees will also hear a presentation from the police about how to set up a Neighbourhood Watch group, and will hear updates on other community activities in the area.


Anonymous said...

Any news on the Hilly Fields play area ?

Neil Roberts said...

Hi Kate, thanks for the plug. As you know, we want our site to be really rooted in the community so it's great to know you're reading our stuff. Any advice and tip-offs about what's happening in the community would be really appreciated, thanks. We'll be putting a blogroll/links page up soon and Brockley Central is on our list. Thanks for pointing out the Brockley Assembly, too. I'm sure we'll send someone along.


Monkeyboy said...

Poor old Neil, not sure he's ready for the Brockley stream of conciousness.

(curry and The Wire on DVD. sorted)

Anonymous said...

Hi Neil - I think we'll keep the tip-offs for ourselves ;-)

We'd be happy to meet up for a beer sometime though. Do drop us a line via our usual email address.

Unknown said...

Hey, nice site Neil. Eastside!!

love detective said...

For the first time the residents of Croydon can easily access the bars of Shoreditch

they've talked of little else for years and the collective sense of relief is now evidently palpable

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