Brockley Central Drinks at The Talbot

Last night, the BC Army was unleashed on The Talbot. With scaffolding still on the walls and the tang of fresh paint lingering in the air, Talbot drinkers old and new filled the pub on its opening night.

It's a fairly small pub and the ground floor is dominated by the bar, which confronts you head-on when you walk in. Seating is pushed to either side and in to a few cosy alcoves. Upstairs, the dining room is served by a small bar. Both floors were packed-out, which is a great show of support for a pub, which many feared had been lost forever. The staff were struggling with temperamental cash registers, unlabelled beer taps and a larger-than-anticipated crowd. Despite that, they coped admirably and the service was friendly throughout the evening.

It's too early (and our head hurts too much) to review the pub properly, but we intend to go back for lunch very soon. Frankly, it was a miracle that the pub was open so soon - given the appalling state it had been allowed to deteriorate to by its former owners. At this stage, The Talbot could probably benefit from a bit more detailing - some flourishes that give a bar like Jam Circus real personality. During our brief chat with the proprietor Felix, he mentioned that he was planning on adding some more furniture shortly.

As BC reader "b." said, while he waiting at the bar in an attempt to "treat" us to a shot:

"It looks very south west London. But then I love south west London - I go drinking there all the time."

Were you there last night? What were your first impressions?