Up the Line - Remembrance

We first heard about Up the Line a couple of months ago, when John McKiernan emailed us with his outline proposal - asking what we thought of it. It sounded amazing, but an almost ridiculously ambitious project to try and pull together with virtually no money. And that was before we realised he was planning to do it this year - rather than next - giving himself only weeks to pull it off.

What followed was a flurry of activity that demonstrates John's energy and tenacity and the talent that can be found locally. The event that finally took place was far more wonderful than we'd been able to imagine it.

For those unable to attend, here are some pictures from Up the Line:

All pictures taken by Kirsty Leah Cole Copyright 2009.

Here's a message from John himself:

It was a proud night for Brockley and Ladywell with hundreds braving the rain to walk through the cemeteries. The children's lanterns were beautiful and everyone appeared to have had a wonderful and memorable experience.

Hairy at the beginning as the rain all afternoon caused a lot of problems and an amusing phone call to B and Q in Greenwich asking after 4 gazebos in November? The lady at the store thought it was a crank call.

Over 60 people worked hard for free over the day to get the event up and running. There was a 10 minute delay at the start but we got the hitches sorted out and then event went smoothly. The local safer neighbourhood Police team looked fantastic in their full uniforms and the Lewisham cemetery team worked very hard all day, evening and after to ensure the site was safe and clean. Colin Burgess in charge of the cemetery team was instrumental throughout insuring the event could be held.

The Rivoli was it's normal wonderful self and a chance for many people to actually see it for the first time.

Thanks very much to all involved - there is already talk of a bigger event next year. If there is to be one it will need to be funded first.