South London Line back from the brink

Aspiring LibDem MP for Lewisham Deptford Tam Langley has updated her blog with the latest correspondence from London Rail about the prospects for the South London Line. It's a long letter, but in essence it says that the line (which would serve Crofton Park) could be back on the cards - which is a good deal more encouraging than TfL's verdict that there was no practical or economic case for the line.

Here are the key passages:

Given the volume of requests to consider direct links to London Bridge, it has been agreed that TfL will undertake some further work to review the feasibility of retaining the South London Line (one of the long-listed options) with Network Rail and DfT, before completing the scoring and short-listing process.

In light of the additional time it will take to complete this work, we are now proposing to hold the first meeting on 24 November (as opposed to October as stated in our initial letter). We will report back on the outcome of the above work at this meeting.