Ofsted gives Chelwood Nursery School outstanding rating

Chelwood Nursery School, St Norbert Road, is one of six Lewisham schools highlighted as being outstanding in the latest Ofsted annual report, according to COI News.


Transpontine said...

Fantastic place it is too.

Anonymous said...

what about the one on Tyrwhitt and the Catherine place on Tressillian?

Does anyone have a view on either of those? I have formed initial views unfortunately just from speaking to whomever answered the phone at each. I appreciate this is not fair at all and need to make appts to go round.

I'd be interested to hear from those who have actually sent children there.

Tamsin said...

You wouldn't be comparing like with like - Cherryli and Catherine House are nurseries - full day-care providers from 8 to 6 - Chelwood is a Nursery School - starting off morning or afternoon and then going to a "full" day of 9 to (I think) 2.30. Most such nursery classes are attached to primary schools - and Myott Gardens and Kender also had outstanding in their last Ofsted reports I see. That said, Chelwood has always had an excellent reputation, which we bitterly resented when I was involved in a pre-school at St. Catherine's. We lost many of our older children to them as they (the children) turned 3 and I have only come across one or two parents who were not completely happy with them. Nikki is committed and pro-active managing the school.

If you are looking for daycare plug your post-code into the relevant bit of the Ofsted site and you will be given everything in a five mile radius - in distance order - and you can link in to their reports. The Day Care trust has guidance on what to look for and questions to ask and, as you say, you do really need to get appointments to go round. Word of mouth is fine for an initial introduction, but an atmosphere that appeals to one family might not suit another.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Tamsin.

I am leaning towards Tyrwhitt already, simply from how the phone was answered which is, I appreciate, a ridiculous way to go about it. The Catherine House phone was answered by someone who couldn't really understand what I was saying and obviously I don't want my child exposed to non English speakers at an early age, when language and communication development are key.

I am also thinking towards their pre school reports which have to be good to assist in getting them into a decent school.

Tamsin said...

Not sure I agree with you about the importance of English only at the early stages of language development. Haven't studies of bi- or tri-lingual children shown that provided the adults don't switch languages mid-sentence exposure to a variety of tongues has no detrimental effect and, indeed, is only beneficial?

Suggest you visit as many nurseries in the area as you can. The great thing about living in London rather than a tiny village or even a market town is not only that our children grow up seeing multi-culture as the norm but there are a signficant number of day care providers in reasonable reach. And unlike the schools they don't go on strict distance and catchment areas.

Anonymous said...

Tamsin, Agreed, exposure to different languages is a good thing if proper grammar is used.

We have many friends where one parent is eg French and the other British and that exposure to two languages is excellent in the end for the child.

However, my underlying assumption is that the child is hearing proper sentence construction and syntax ab initio.

Tamsin said...

Good point. And, crucially, that the staff interact with the children one on one and don't rely on a radio or CD player to provide jolly tunes in the background.

Transpontine said...

Anonymous, I don't know what your idea of a decent school is, but unless you are planning on packing your child off to one of the independent schools in Dulwich, 'pre school reports' will have no bearing on what school they are admitted to. There are certainly some more than decent state primary schools locally and their admissions are based on distance from school (i.e. they are non-selective).

hf mother said...

Hello, we have recently moved to the area and are looking for a nursery for our daughter. Can anyone recommend one where she will be safe, critically - I've seen too many reports of chairs near open windows etc - and stimulated while making some nice friends for the future.

(Is this all asking too much?)

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