Train cuts: Help needed with leafleting

The 'No To Train Cuts' campaign is appealing for help in handing out leaflets at New Cross Gate, Brockley, Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill and Sydenham stations between 7am and 10am on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday this coming week (presumably which date they choose will depend on how many volunteers they get). Their aim is to make more local people aware of the planned cuts to the evening services from London Bridge.

So far nearly fifteen hundred people have signed the online petition, but more support and pressure is needed.

Anyone who can help out is asked to email richard to let him know which dates you're available and which stations you could cover.


Anonymous said...

Would It be an Idea for people to hand out or put leaflets on the trains

Anonymous said...

Or a busker singing about rail cuts, that would make the news.

rail user said...

With the amount of developers moving into these parts of South East London, look around the stations in Forest Hill and Brockley and also how property shows on tv focus on this bit of the South East, the idea of cutting train services on an already frequently overcrowded service is to my mind unacceptable.

The East London line should not be used as cover or as an excuse to cut,long established and much needed direct services to central London.

Andy Endwell said...

TFl the Mayor and uncle Tom Cobbley have been banging on for years about the benifits to our area of the revamped ELL and all its going to achieve is to make our transport links worse! Sod Hackney and Croydon I need London Bridge - give me a batch of leaflets I will give em out on the train and at london Bridge.

Anonymous said...

Andy (and everyone else) - leafletters will be at Brockley Station tomorrow morning, and at New Cross Gate on Wednesday. (Additional volunteers still required, if you are interested please email Richard at the Forest Hill Society).

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