South London train service cuts: A way forward?

London mayor Boris Johnson has met with transport minister Sadiq Khan to discuss the planned cuts to south London's train services.

As a result, the minister has promised to consider Transport for London's forthcoming report which will set out alternatives to the cuts.

The study, by TfL and London Travelwatch, will look at 30 options. A shortlist will be produced over the next few weeks and discussed with London Assembly members, local MPs and councils, before the most feasible are published in a final report in the New Year.
The Mayor’s Office and the Department for Transport will then consider the options and decide on a way forward.

There's been a lot of hoo-ha over whether responsibility for the cuts lies with the Department for Transport or the Mayor, but it is heartening to see some joint working on this vital issue. BC hopes that all involved can sort the problem out and save our train services.

Thanks to Sue Luxton for drawing our attention to this story.