Up The Line, November 11th - Brockley and Ladywell Cemetery

Organiser John McKiernan writes:

The waft of a solo violin across a dark, dimly lit path of the cemetery, as yet another poet recalls the words of a soldier, bombarded by bombs and bullets...

A film of men marching happily to war becomes discernible among the silhouetted trees, while an actor recounts the fear of life in a trench.

Welcome to 'Up The Line', a most beautiful and poignant experience marking the sacrifices of World War One.

This free twilight event will take place on Armistice night, 11th November 2009 and will be a short but stirring walk through a cemetery of performers and WW1 monuments.

The evening will give people of all ages an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices made during times of war and discuss the experience afterwards in the famous Rivoli Ballroom.


You can arrive anytime between 7.15pm and 8.00pm, with the walk lasting approximately 20 minutes in total.

There will be a children's lantern procession at 7.30pm starting from the Brockley Gate.


Brockley and Ladywell Cemetery www.foblc.org.uk

After Event:

The Famous Rivoli Ballroom, 350 Brockley Road SE4 2BY (until 11pm) This is an outdoor event that will take place regardless of weather conditions.


You can reach the start of the walk from the Brockley Rd/Ivy Rd Gate (SE4 2QY) or the Ladywell Gate at Brockley Grove/Ivy Rd, SE13

Buses P4, 122, 171, 172, 484
Trains Crofton Park, Ladywell, Brockley, DLR Lewisham

Please wear sturdy shoes, appropriate warm clothing and please bring a torch. Cemetery chapel will be open for reflection and lighting of candles




Lantern Crew Up The Line Event said...

Children will be making lanterns at St Andrews Church (in the hall), Brockley Rd/Wickham Rd from 4.00-6.00pm
£2.00 per child

The procession will take place in Brockley and Ladywell Cemetery, Brockley, London SE4 2QZ between 7.15 - 8.30pm

Children should bring their parents and grandparents.

John Up The Line said...


Anonymous said...

Service marks lost WWI generation


Anonymous said...

I am so there and bringing some non-Brocklers along me too!

John Up the Line Event said...

Urgent request to Brockley:
If anyone have a spare gazebo for this evening please let us know via here asap please?

Best John

Tamsin said...

We've got an old fashioned one with stained canvas and metal tube poles which are a little damaged - or I could possibly put you in touch with someone else if nothing has been forthcoming.

max said...

Me too, I have something like Tamsin, it's former market stall with iron pipes, very sturdy, holds a dozen people standing but you need a van to carry it.

Moira said...

Thanks Tamsin - if John has not got back to you could you email me your address or phone number and I can collect it on the way home from work at about 5.30pm - info@brockleymax.co.uk

Moira said...

Max - we have an escort van, not a transit? If you think it will fit, email me your number and John will call you.

Anonymous said...

B+Q's open!

Moira said...

Anon - You try and buy a gazebo in winter.

max said...


Email me with your number there, I'm here.

Zelah said...

just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the event last night -well done to all involved.

angelofthewest said...

might we get a little report / photos of this event?

Brockley Kate said...

Sure, would you like to write it?

Tamsin said...

It was truly moving. Loved the low key chemical lights marking the paths, the piano music could be heard all through the cemetery, but was never loud. The flickering film projected onto the trees was a brilliant idea that should never have worked but did.

Only a couple of things for next time. The dance performance, though eerily good, was across the path so everyone gathered round in a semi-circle to see it, and then stayed there. Those in the back did not get view and when it was over people moved on a big bunch. If it could be re-configured to a 3/4 width of perhaps a longer section of path and some subtle encouragement given for people to move on and past it they would get a better (albeit shorter) view of the performance and later performers would be reached earlier and by a steadier flow.

Didn't make it to the Rivoli afterwards - hope that part of the evening went well.

Tressillian James said...

Rivoli was great - what a gem and first time I had been there.

I agree that the Up the Line event was really quite wonderful. I would only request that it is longer next time - as it was a real push to get around and hear all the poets listen to the music etc before it closed.

Could this be an annual event? I hope so.

Gazebo said...

I totally agree with Anon, a gazebo has so many uses and benefits and as they come in all different sizes and shapes,it for you to decide which is the right one for your home.

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