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BC reader Alison is hoping to find some local people to help her start a new car club, with a company called Zip Car.

She says she's found it a struggle to find available slots with the local Street Car services and reckons that Zip Car's prices can be more competitive too.

She's been told by Zip Car that if she can demonstrate sufficient local demand, they will consider setting up in Brockley (they've not ventured further South East than Bermondsey so far), so she's looking for other interested readers to join her. If you want to be put in touch with Alison, please email us at the usual address and we'll connect you.


Monkeyboy said...

Funny you should say that, I've got a car that I hardly use. I had a free offer to join Street Car so I tried it out and found it rather brilliant, they also have vans which is great if you need to flytip a mattress or dump a body.

They've lost a spot in Brockley 'cos I guess someone wanted the parking spot back. Lewisham are supposedly promoting it, I got this email from them when I asked if they could encourage Street Car to place more cars in our neck of the woods. It'll only really work if there are enough spots. I've got a couple of mates (weird I know) in north London who have joined and swear by it.

email and contact details below if you want to contact Lewisham and give them a nudge...

"Thank you for your email. We have met with Streetcar to ascertain where the next tranche of on-street bays can be located and I have forwarded your email for Streetcar to investigate if they can identify any more spaces on private property in that area.
Thank you for your interest.

Monkeyboy said... the way, I think that Street Car will waive the yearly membership fee and possibly give you a discount if you allow them to use your reserved parking space.

Tamsin said...

But wouldn't competition be a good idea and keep the quality of service up and the prices down?

darryl said...

That's odd, because I'm sure someone from Greenwich University was telling me the other day that they're getting Zipcar facilities at their campus at Avery Hill, Eltham - a bit furthern south-east from Bermondsey.

Streetcar are definitely well-respresented in SE London - even in Charlton, which is a bit of a surprise. I just wish my downstairs neighbour hadn't learned to drive now, we could have made a few bob out of that parking spot :-)

david said...

The last few times I've tried to book a streetcar on a weekend there's been nothing available closer than a 30 min walk.

So, I'm all for zipcar getting something going on around here (or streetcar putting in more cars - either would work).

Oh - and MB, you're absolutely spot on, streetvans are an excellent thing!

Anonymous said...

You can buy a car for £500 or under - depending on how many trips you make you may find that more worthwhile. And it's always yours to use.

Monkeyboy said...

if there was no membership fee then it would be great, having to shell out two annual fees would be a pain though. I'd rather Streetcar had the same kind of coverage as North London but I take the point about competition.

I'm just waiting for my Ka to die and see if I really am prepared not to own my own car. Just have to get myself slightly more organised.

love detective said...

streetcar are excellent around catford, i've got about 2 cars within 2 mins walk and another 3 within 5 mins walk

£3.95 an hour for a polo diesel

Anonymous said...

Tamsin said "But wouldn't competition be a good idea and keep the quality of service up and the prices down?"

Longer term, yes, but shorter term there is an argument for first getting a critical mass of cars from one club in an area, as it's more useful for potential members to have 6 cars from one club in their area than, say, one each of 6 different car club cars, as they can only use the one they have joined.

I've also been promised that more car club bays are in the pipeline. The highways team tend to do them a batch at a time as they have to get some kind of highways order and it costs £1k per bay on street places, apparently.

mb said...

brockley cross please, failing that one outside my house.

Tamsin said...

A thousand pounds per bay! Who's ripping who off?

But one or two in the eschelon parking bit on Kitto Road by the Telegraph Hill Centre (if it not to be designated as a skate-board area) would be very good. A former proposal for the space beside the then Cafe Orange (to generate some income for the Centre and provide a public service) got shot down because it would detract from the artistic integrity of the "Fabric of Society" panels but anywhere around there is good and central for Telegraph Hill.

Anonymous said...


chris said...

I am a regular and fairly satisfied streetcar user, although I am missing the Foxberry rd car which was withdrawn a few months ago. There are cars which are pretty available on Telegraph hill, and near Brockley and St Johns station, which have allowed my family and I to be car-free for the last 18 months.

I agree with Sue that it would be better to get a critical mass of one provider, than to have to pay lots of membership fees to different providers.

But lets have a hilly fields streetcar soon. Don't see why it costs £1000- you can park outside my house for free!

Tamsin said...

I understood Sue's comment to be that it cost £1000 per bay to get the red-tape sorted out - "Highways order" and what-not - but there was some reduction if they were done together in batches.

Brockley Nick said...

It's a bitter irony that Streetcar has to apply for bays and wait for a long time for approval (paying 1,000 for the priviledge), while the Council lets a van hire company open in brockley cross without any planning considerations and then lets them park all over the pavement, with as many of their massive vans as they like.

Brockley Cross would definitely benefit from one or two - most of the parked cars there during the week are just commuter traffic - plenty of space on a Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I know of one long-term resident in the conservation area who repeatedly offered their driveway to Streetcar and was told there was not sufficient demand!!!

I regularly tell Streetcar that they are missing a trick by not covering this area. They seem to be being very disingenuous.

Have all you people who are Streetcar members and who would like a car nearer to you submitted the forms on Streetcar's website? I don't think it would take a great deal more pushing to get another car in this area.

Totally agree with Sue's point re critical mass, but if Streetcar continue to ignore my pleas for something more local I may be tempted!!

Anonymous said...

(cont'd from 14.06)

Actually I should clarify that last comment - Streetcar has indicated they prefer council spots because of the risk of losing residential spots when people move house (as happened at Foxberry Road), but they've separately indicated to me that they need to see if there's sufficient demand in this area. Judging from comments on this thread, there is certainly demand that is not being met, and others like me who are fed up at having to walk more than a mile to a car if the one in Reynard Close isn't available.

Click on the 'I want a Streetcar in my area' icon on their site and submit your details.

Unknown said...

Hi everyone, good to read your posts and see your general keenness for more car club cars in the Brockley area. Streetcar has been working with the council to get more bays around the borough and have just submitted 25 new locations that we hope will come to fruition in Spring next year. This includes a number in Brockley. As you can see if you look at the locations page of our website (, we are heavily committed to the whole of South-East London and have been growing at an enormous rate - we do not though have an infinite amount of cars so do often have to prioritise where we go, when. We are in no doubt that we need more in Brockley, especially having lost the private spaces and this is why we have asked the council for bays in the area - whilst we wish that this was a quick process, sadly there is a lot of consultation etc to go through hence why we are looking at Spring and not before. You do though have my commitment that if we do not have more bays in Brockley on-street by March/April, we will source them privately instead. As well as in Lewisham, during 2010 Streetcar will continue to grow significantly all across SE London including bays in your neighbouring boroughs of Southwark and Greenwich. It is our aim to have a Streetcar within 5 minutes walk of every Londoner and we will keep working towards that aim. Jonathan - Streetcar

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