Brockley Bites: Gastrocharity special


The lovely people at the Honor Oak pub are teaming up with local charity the 999 Club to open its doors to local homeless people and those in need on Christmas Day. They're asking for donations of warm clothes, food and practical essentials and would love to hear from anyone interested in coming along to volunteer on the day.

Please contact

Blaggers Banquet

Local foodie bloggers, Ben Bush and Hollowlegs, are involved with a delicious charity initiative called Blaggers Banquet. There's a culinary auction going on right now - click here for more.


Hollow Legs said...

Thanks for the plug - some of the auction items make great Christmas presents...!

Ben said...

Thanks Nick!

Anonymous said...

If there was live music, would be the 'Gastroberry Festival'?

Tamsin said...

Do you accept volunteers with children in tow? If so it is quite a worthwhile thing to do if you haven't got commitments to elderly relatives. The elderly and the lonely so love having children about and it is a very good antidote for the children to the blatant consumerism generally rife at this time of year.

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