The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

In a move that is surely entirely unrelated to the forthcoming general election, Brockley’s MP Joan Ruddock has written to constituents asking for their views on a wide range of issues.
She’s asking us to tell her ‘what is good and what is not so good about living in Brockley’, and poses a number of specific questions.
These include:

- What do you think about the new Brockley Station approach, and what further improvements would you like to see?

- What is the biggest anti-social issue you face, from the following?:
Aggressive begging
Dog mess
Litter / fly-tipping
Street drinkers
Other (please state)

- What is the one thing you would do to improve Brockley?

We're sure BC readers have strong views on these questions, and we too would be delighted to hear them!

Anyone who hasn’t received the Freepost feedback form from Ms Ruddock can send her their views on these issues via email
at ruddockj
Or write to her at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA


Anonymous said...

That's a move that it's not only unrelated to the forthcoming general elections but also to the news included in this report.

Anonymous said...

Workington has had a new station built in six days. We couldn't get a new ramp for ours in six months. Perhaps Ms Ruddock could explain the discrepancy?

Anonymous said...

That's right email it.

That way Ms Ruddock's staff can ignore it, like they have done on both occasions I've had cause to contact her.

Frankly I have no time for an MP who ignores her constituents. We are more important than ANY party or ministerial commitments.

Every correspondence deserves a response. There is no excuse.

Anonymous said...

must be you, I've had three letters from her.

The Cat Man said...

did you send her a question in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. I asked her twice what she was going to do about the cuts to our trains services agreed by her colleagues at the DFT. No reply.

Not that she's lost a vote or anything. I
met her once and she was rude so I wouldn't vote for her anyway.

Shame this areas full of so many weirdo lefties.

Anonymous said...

It can't be related to the forthcoming General Election as;

1) She has not leafleted Lewisham Central

2) The election result was declared a year ago...

Returning Officer Bridget Prentice MP announced to a resident of Lewisham in 2008...

"Joan Ruddock will be your new MP from the next General Election."

Deptford Dame said...

She has written to us in Deptford asking exactly the same questions (substitute the word 'Deptford' in place of 'Brockley').
Not that I'm a cynic or anything but Max has hit the nail right on the head.

Tamsin said...

She has,though, been active in putting on the pressure for a Surrey Canal Station and is assiduous in her surgeries around the constituency. There's one coming up in the Telegraph Hill Centre this Friday.

Anonymous said...

Turning up for surgeries isn't assiduous it's part of her job.

I turn up for work every day too and I'm just doing what I'm paid for.

The problem is that Ms Ruddock is a part of the government that's shafted us on transport. Her campaign for a station at Surrey Canal Road would be more forceful if her Labour Party colleagues hadn't decided to ditch it. I didn't notice her resigning in protest even though improving public transport is clearly one of the best ways to tackle climate change, part of her portfolio.

drakefell debaser said...

Brockley Station approach – I view the station approach much like I view the Labour government: A disaster.

Further improvements - Do what was put forward in the beginning for starters (performance area, extra stairs etc), the station bridges x 3 need repainting, the ticket office needs something done to make it look like it belongs in the 21st Century and not like an Eternal Jerk that happens to accept oyster cards.

Biggest anti social issue – litter

Things I would do – remove Conway’s from the list of suitable contractors for Lewisham and donate the remainder of the communication budget to a local charity

Anonymous said...

joan left wing? Not really, she's replied to both of my letters re train services, a bit bland but replies non the less. And to be clear, the break up of the railways was a tory idea but yes, labour did not repeal that. So tory's are big supporters of public transport? Really?

Anonymous said...

Drakefell Debaser - have you lived anywhere in London (or in any other UK city) with less of a litter problem than Brockley? I've lived in the city, SW6 and several other parts of London and I honestly think Lewisham council scores 10/10 on litter. It's not them that drops it, you know! I've never lived anywhere where you started to recognise the blokes pushing the litter carts because they're out there so often.

I'm no great fan of Joan Ruddock or the local council but credit where credit is due - the litter and refuse services in this area (and leaf removal for that matter) are outstanding.

drakefell debaser said...

Anon, I have lived in 6 London Boroughs and they all share a litter problem to various degrees. Whilst I agree that Lewisham fares better than most boroughs it is still a problem and I don’t believe it should be discounted just because it aint as bad as Newham for example.

I also agree that the council chaps sweeping it all up are doing a fantastic job and I am acutely aware that it is not them dropping crap into my garden and along the pavements but their efforts appear to be thwarted by an ignorant bunch of people that cannot be arsed to use a bin. And one thing I have noticed about Lewisham is that there are lots of bins around the borough making it easy to throw stuff away properly.

ultra violet said...

So what should the council be doing that they're not doing already with regard to litter?

Brockley Nick said...

I agree that the litter clear-up around here is pretty good, the problem is preventing people dropping it in the first place.

The solution is better maintainence of the public realm - better pavements, better litter collection, better street furniture, etc.

Create a high-quality environment, people don't drop it in the first place. Plenty of studies prove that.

That's Lewisham's real failing. Investment in our high-streets would create long-term reductions in clear-up costs.

Not Proper Brockley said...

Joan Ruddock is generally alright in my book. She once came in a bright pink dress to a function I attended even though it was her mother's birthday. She left rather early but politicked well before she did (and she needed to, this was a few years back just after Labour's disastrous by-elections). However I was disgusted to get her 'Brockley' letter given that I live in SE14 and proudly consider myself not to be proper Brockley.

If I was proper Brockley i would be able to use the Brockley collection office which is 3 minutes walk from me rather than (as is currently the case) the New Cross office.

If the Post Office keep telling me that I am New Cross and Joan Ruddock keeps telling me that I am Brockley then eventually my brain is going to explode in a fit of disgust.

Murk said...

As said previously, once we get the streets and pathways organised everything should slowly come together. The thing I've noticed since my year and a half stint in Brockley is the huge amount of shoddy paving filled with puddles... it's like hopscotch trying to get to my front door without getting my feet wet.

Anonymous said...

Murk - couldn't agree more! (In fact, I put it in my comments to Joan)

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