Brockley Advent Windows

In December, Brockley's community gallery, Tea Leaf Arts will celebrate its first birthday. To mark the occasion, they will be staging a unique event - Brockley Advent Windows:

Join in the fun of counting down to Christmas. A window of a local business will open every day between 1st and 24th December, revealing a variety of artwork, exploring a range of media on the theme of ‘Gift’.

The last window will be opened at Tea Leaf Arts on December 24th, when you can join the artists for mulled wine and mince pies from 2-5pm. The windows will be displayed until January 5th 2010.

That's all they're saying for now, but watch this space.


Anonymous said...

I wonder whether they are doing any Christmas cards? I'd like to spend the money locally if I can.

Anonymous said...

Nick - any timeframe of this 'NEWS' that you mentioned and got everyone excited about a month or so back. (or did I miss the revelation?)

Tamsin said...
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Tamsin said...

Not too far away there is the annual Cards for Good Causes stand in St Alfege's Church in Greenwich. Massive range of charity cards for all sorts of different charities (81p in the £1 goes to the charities) and advent calendars, wrapping paper and stocking fillers. Open 10 to 5 and also at weekends.

Come along on a Friday afternoon which is my rota time and say "hi".

Moira said...

This is a brilliant idea and a great way to get shopkeepers more involved in the community.

Paddyom said...

I know we all laugh but it would be nice to see a few new retailers take part in such welcome community-spirited events such as this, like the fried chicken places, other fast food place, etc... as opposed to it being just the old reliables who take part.

Anonymous said...

Such as? (other than fast food, which you've basically said twice)

Paddyom said...

Such as the plethora of hairdressers, estate agents, newsagents etc...on Brockley Rd, the ones who never feature in any of the local mags, festivals or community events....'basically'.

Deptford Dame said...

Great idea, but not unique. They've been doing it in Greenwich for a couple of years I believe.

Moira said...

Pavilion estate agents sponsored the B Max a couple of years ago.
And practically all of the fast food restaurants, newsagents, estate agents and hairdressers along Brockley Road supported the festival by putting up posters and having programmes by their tills.
Most of them, I'm sure, would welcome more involvement in B Max if any artists would like to propose something.

Tamsin said...

@DD - yeah, I know, heard about it but did not see it when doing the Christmas Cards last year. But don't rain on the parade! And it's nice the way it ends up with mince-pies and mulled wine at the Art Gallery.

Deptford Dame said...

Sorry Tamsin, I wasn't trying to do the whole thing down, just giving credit where credit is due.

Brockley Nick said...

How about we agree that it is unique to Brockley? ;)

FatPat said...

Does anyone know of anywhere that sells Brockley Christmas cards?

john taylor said...

Hi Folks
Its John from
We are opposite New Cross Gate station.
We are life long locals who sell flowers,plants etc.
I've seen a lot of info on how to dispose your trees, But did you know that we are on our 4th year here selling quality British Grown Christmas Trees.
A few of you may remember our previous yard on the corner of Queens Rd & St Marys Rd Nunhead.
We also have a free LOCAL Delivery service.
Come & see us or contact us through
Come on keep it LOCAL.
love to see you JOHN

John Taylor said...

Hey Folks
Just read your comments about handmade cards.
If you are involed in this craft & would like to put them in my shop on a sale or return basis then come see me.
0208 469 1471.

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