Supermarket v The Broca Food Market

We've not written much about the Broca Food Market (209-211 Mantle Road) since it opened, but this weekend has given us an excuse to redress the balance.

By virtue of a mixture of internet supermarket shopping and a growing range of local shops, we've managed to eliminate the weekend trip to the supermarket from our weekly routine. But this weekend, on a last-minute search for pumpkins, we tried the Tesco in Lewisham. They had mountains of pumpkin-shaped plastic things, but no actual pumpkins.

Back in Brockley, the Broca was just putting the finishing touches to its "buy your pumpkins here" sign, just as we walked through the door. We bought two and 6 large free-range eggs, which are around 50p cheaper than the equivalent sold in Tesco in Lewisham.

So in our impromptu and unscientific test of price and availability - supposedly a supermarket's two strongest cards - Broca beats Tesco.