Oyster for Brockley in January?

Mainline train stations around London are set to introduce Oyster card readers as early as January, Canary Wharf newspaper The Wharf reports.

The card readers have been installed at Brockley Station for some months now, awaiting a co-ordinated launch across the network.

A spokesman for Southeastern Trains told The Wharf: 'It's on stream for January 2010. We're up to date with the installation of software. There's a bit of fine tuning involved, but we've got the facilities at most stations to top up Oyster cards for journeys.
'It's going to happen all in one go. It wouldn't work otherwise.'

With thanks to Blackheath Bugle for spotting this story.


Anonymous said...

I know some of the poorer members of the community will appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of the Oyster discounts on the trains.

Many confine themselves to bus routes because they cannot afford the full train fare.

Sadly it will also expose them to the risk of a punitive fare if the they forget to tap out, can't find the reader or it is not working for some reason.

I understand TFL makes millions out of penalty fares.

It should work both ways and they should be fined for service failures.

Scott said...

Well New Cross Gate now has ticket/oyster card reader barriers meaning that it's pretty much impossible to forget to tap out.

To be honest, the Oyster system works and helps remove the need for tickets (which people invariably lose, leading to penalty fares anyway).

Having said that, the Oyster system at New Cross gate currently only allows Oyster travelcards, which is rubbish! With TFL's takeover of the line, I'm hoping the pay as you go system will come into effect soon.

Anonymous said...

there's still no sign of oyster readers at lewisham though is there? cutting it fine for a january start

Anonymous said...

Come January there will be no Oyster discount any longer. Bastards screw us every way.


Benny said...

Am I alone in thinking that three Oyster gates at Brockley ain't gonna cut it? Have you experiernced the bottlenecks that lead to the staff just opening the gates?

Anonymous said...

Scott - Oyster PAYG is what this story is about. Brockley also has working travelcard Oyster readers on the barriers already.

Lou Baker said...

It is an absolute scandal that it's taken the train companies 6 years to install pay as you go.

And, if the well informed London Reconnections blog is to be believed, when it's finally introduced in January, pay as you go still won't work as it does on the tube.

Instead if you're travelling on a National Rail train outside the zones covered by your travelcard you'll have to get an extension BEFORE completing your journey. And these extensions won't be available from train companies' ticket offices.

So if you have a zone 1-2 travelcard and you want to go to Blackheath (zone 3) you won't just be able to touch in then touch out when you get there. You'll have to get an extension from a newsagent first.

It is an absolute joke.

Fortunately the Overground through Brockley will work the normal pay as you go way, but if you're travelling with South Eastern or Southern you'll continue to have to run through hoops because these companies are run by dimwits with a customer service attitude to rival Basil Fawlty.

Ooohhhhh...hangover said...

That's what I like about Lou. His glass is never half full or empty. It's just a shit glass, useless in fact. Worse than no glass at all, why don't they provide crystal flagons.

(can you get crystal flagons? my knowledge of glassware is sadly incomplete. I blame New Labour)

Lou Baker said...


When it comes to trains too right. The introduction of Oyster prepay should have made all our lives a weeny bit easier but, sadly, because of the arcane rules they're introducing at the same time it won't.

Expect a large number of people to be fined when they fall foul of these complex and unnecessary rules.

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