In da social club - Transition Town

With so much drama in the l-b-c [Lewisham Borough Council]
Its kinda hard bein-a snoop for the double-T
But they, somehow, some way
Keep comin up with funky ass shit like every single day

FLUX CLUB, Sat 14th November 7pm-1am, Brockley Social Club, £6
Hosted by Transition Town Brockley

It's gettin hot in here, so let's swish all our clothes.

Get ready to transform your old world into a new one, through magic, music, miracle and muse! Bring your old stuff and let the magic of El Mago Javier transform it into something new.

Funk/rock outfit Grand Illusion will have you swinging from the rafters, while Djs Saffrolla, Mr Burns and Bearjamm ply you with Balkan Beats, Swing, Funky Latin, HipHop, Breakbeat and more...

Transition Towns are on our streets, trying to consume
Less carbon dioxide, by insulating homes

Prepare to encounter the Transition Wheel of Fortune, The Forever Tree and ideas so transformative you may even go home a different person...

With thanks to Snoop, Nelly and Warren G - the original Transition Towners.