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The Gangs of London website is a lovingly-maintained map of the capital, with a helpful guide to local gangs.

Brockley Central reader Paul pointed us towards the entry for Lewisham. It's an interesting bit of local history and it's worth checking out. the entry for the "Blue Borough" as patriotic local gang members call it, perhaps as a tribute to our famous bins.

According to the site:

"The most prominent gang areas in Blue Borough were organised around New Cross, Deptford and Brockley, those being the Ghetto Boys and Brockley Mandem."

These gangs have a long heritage, with common roots in the Milton Estate, New Cross. The only local school which gets a mention in the gangs' history is Crofton School (now Prendergast - Ladywell Fields College).

Brockley Mandem was centred around the Turnham Estate, in the west side of Brockley, near the border with Honor Oak. As is so often the case, the younger generation sought to express their own identity and became known as the Younger Brockley Mandem and - sometimes - Younger Brockley Boys. The baton has recently been handed to a newer generation, who've renamed themselves the Turnham Gang or Team Brockley.


Younger Hugh said...

every blud treddin the hood

M said...

I thought Jim Davidson had moved to Dubai?

Anonymous said...

Should we be talking about Gang Culture on here.

Ghetto Boy said...

A little correction needed as the gangsters in these parts actually call it the 'Blu Borough'.

Node said...


Er why not talk about gang culture?

It's as much a part of the local history as anything else, particularly as most people on here are presumably white middle-class and will know nothing of it.

BCY said...


Worried about the price of your property?


Exactly - Nothing wrong with a thread on this, with a little light humour!


Monkeyboy said...

I do like 'team brockley' is there a mission statement?

Monkeyboy said...

I do like 'team brockley' is there a mission statement?

Anonymous said...

FYI blue comes from the colour of the street signs

Anonymous said...

Node, Gang Culture can be read about in the papers most days,normally when a young kid is stabbed to death.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, local blogs should post nothing but non controversial, non contentious stories about jumble sales and fluffy kittens.

4x4 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
love detective said...

"Gang Culture can be read about in the papers most days,normally when a young kid is stabbed to death"

just a pity the media blows up coverage of these cases out of all proportion to their occurances, whilst never even commenting on for example the thousands of people who are legally killed through 'accidents' at work due to poor and ever decreasing HSE enforcement

this kind of thing though is not sexy or edgy enough to get served up as news however, which sends a clear message that both the media and govt are prepared to let employers kill and maim with impunity

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the female from the area said to be charged over the murder at Victoria Station last week is aware she be making social history?

Do a google of her name and page after page of newspaper reports give deatils of where she's from.

Could it be the words 'New Cross' that caused the interest, haven't checked if the French media have picked up the story.

Node said...

The Teddy Boy gangs, the mod gangs, punk gangs in fat most youth sub cultures have all had their fair share of stabbings and violence but that doesn't stop people revelling in their histories and glorifying the past.

Surely more knowledge about the issue is the only way society will be able to deal with the problems away from the shrieking headlines.

Brockley Jon said...

LOL, on the gang territory map, "Anti-Shower/Black Mafia, SE13" - I just read that as "Anti Shower Block Mafia"! Well, as BCY says, a little light humour :)

Anonymous said...

Is it me or does the name the Brockley Mandem sound a bit too much like the Brockley Madam to really take is seriously. Good lady of the night name, not good gang name!

Anonymous said...

FYI anon 1 April 2010 19:19
mandem is
man dem as in
the man them as in
group, buddies pals

I heart cupcakes said...

RE the anon comment about the recent Victoria Station murder and New Cross. The girl is actually from Deptford but once again sloppy journalism has led to New Cross (there's a stabbing in South London so New Cross must be involved). I myself now live in the BBC named "murder triangle" of New Cross and I do think such media stereotyping of this area helps no-one.

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