Peter James, Ewhurst Road

Ben has been in touch with this heartwarming piece of local business co-operation, which is something Brockley does well. It also gives us an opportunity to devote a thread to the Ewhurst Road butcher Peter James, which has a group of acolytes so devoted that almost any thread becomes an opportunity to pay tribute:

A small thing that I thought might be of interest, particularly following the recent discussions about Ewhurst road is a bit of praise for Peter James the butcher. Having shopped there intermittently since we arrived, have always been impressed by the produce and the customer service.

Shopping there on saturday, however, and we were given a free gift of a either a bottle of wine at Mr Lawrence or a pice and mash at Sweeneys over the road, accompanied by a thank you note for the continued business in a tricky time. I thought it was a really nice touch, and reflected really well on both Peter and his excellent shop, but also the local area and community. Just thought it worth a quick mention, as it just goes further to reinforce the appeal of the area, and the case for good, small businesses, of which there are some great examples in Brockley.