Supermarket Shakespeare

This is the sort of story we love. Like a live counterpart to Hilltoppers comes Teatro Vivo, the performance art company:

Teatro Vivo presents Supermarket Shakespeare, a free performance piece that takes place in Sainsbury’s Supermarkets in Lee Green, Forest Hill, New Cross and Lewisham.

This year the performances will be inspired by Shakespeare’s sonnet number 23:

O, learn to read what silent love hath writ: To hear with eyes belongs to love's fine wit.

Six performers will create contemporary characters that have intertwining stories and these will be performed all around the supermarket. Performed whilst the supermarket is open, these stories will show the contemporary relevance of Shakespeare’s work in an accessible and everyday environment.

Shoppers can follow the individual characters and hear how their stories unravel whilst fi lling up their trolley and choosing their dinner.

The schedule of performances is as follows:

Lee Green

Tuesday 20th April 7pm
Wednesday 21st April 7pm
Thursday 22nd April 7pm
Friday 23rd April 7pm
Saturday 24th 12pm & 6pm
Sunday 25th 12pm & 3pm

Forest Hill

Tuesday 27th April 7pm
Wednesday 28th April 7pm
Thursday 29th April 7pm
Friday 30th April 7pm
Saturday 1st May 12pm & 6pm
Sunday 2nd May 12pm & 3pm

New Cross

Tuesday 4th May 7pm
Wednesday 5th May 7pm
Thursday 6th May 7pm
Friday 7th May 7pm
Saturday 8th 12pm & 6pm
Sunday 9th May 12pm & 3pm


Tuesday 11th May 6.45pm
Wednesday 12th May 6.45pm
Thursday 13th May 6.45pm
Friday 14th May 6.45pm
Saturday 15th 12pm & 6pm
Sunday 16th May 12pm & 3pm


Monkeyboy said...

If i was well versed in his works I'd come up with a devastatingly funny Shakespearean quote/Brockley pun type thing....I don't, so I shan't

Martin F. said...

If brocc'li be the food of love... or something.

The Brockley Bard(ge) said...

But soft! What light from yonder taxi fi breaks?

It is the East London Line, and the sign is the sun!

The Brockley Bard(ge) said...

But soft! What light from yonder taxi firm breaks?

It is the East London Line, and the sign is the sun!

Crofton Parker said...

Shakespeare must have known Brockley well because wrote a lot about The Talbot - even more than BC has written on the subject. Lots of stuff about "valiant Talbot above human thought" and soldiers crying "A Talbot, a Talbot!" just like we here have done.

The Brockley Bard(ge) said...

Is this a dagger I see before me?

Yes, I live in the borough of Lewisham.

Brockley Nick said...

@Brockley Bard(ge) very funny! You win a BC chequebook and pen.

I would have also accepted:

"The course of Brockley Road never did run smooth."

Welcome to 2010 said...

If Val were here I'm sure she'd offer:

"Methinks the BrocSoc doth protest too much."

Anonymous said...

And Lou might have described Nick's paeans to the ELL as a 'tale told by an idiot.....signifying nothing'.

Sorry Nick!

Monkeyboy said...

"A tube, by any other name, would run as smooth" .....I'll get my coat.

Brockley Nick said...

Looking at Brockley Cross:

"Out, damned grot!"

Anonymous said...

What's in a name, that we call a..... Tube.

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