Is Brockley a Networked Neighbourhood?

Brockley Central is taking part in a project called Networked Neighbourhoods, which is being run on behalf of an organisation called London Councils, a think tank and lobby group that represents the interests of all 33 London Boroughs.

They're pretty interested in this internet thing that all the kids are into and are investigating the impact that hyperlocal community sites like Brockley Central and others are having on the communities they serve. The study is designed to understand the possible implications for the ways in which Councils deliver and communicate policies in future.

We've got some of our own views on this question, which we'll revisit once the survey ends on March 23rd, but in the mean time, we'd be really grateful if you'd take the time to complete the short survey, by clicking here.

The future of Mayor Bullock's twitter feed may rest in your hands.

Thank you for your time.


Anonymous said...

Done. Despite being rather concerned to see the survey is being carried out by someone called 'Hugh'.

Brockley Nick said...

Thank you. And don't worry, he's a very different sort of Hugh.

Hugh said...

I'm wondering what salary is being paid to the inevitable Inter-Council Information-Age Network Cooperative Strategy Facilitator.

Anonymous said...

Id hate to see a long survey,Although I did complete It

Anonymous said...


Free travellin Pensioner said...

London Councils is a bit more than a "think tank and lobby group" as anyone can see if you click on your link.
They are an all-party body that brings together all the London councils and one of the best things they do is pay for me to have a Freedom Pass to travel on buses, trains, tubes and DLR without payment. Total budget for Freedom Passes is £260 million paid for by local councils.
So a bit more than a think tank, eh?

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