Brockley Cross car dealership under offer

The freehold on the B&M car dealership in Brockley Cross is under offer.

Brockley Central has been forecasting for years that the dozen or so car businesses in the area would sell-up as the East London Line drives the development of the area, a long-term trend, exacerbated by the collapse of the second-hand car market.

B&M, which hasn't updated its signage since the 01 for London days, was a prime candidate, though the site itself will be challenging for a retailer or a developer. B&M's location, jutting out in to the road, could from some angles make Brockley Cross look like an 8-lane super highway. If its life as a car dealership has come to an end, then it is an era whose end we won't mourn.

If the site has been bought by a developer, we hope the Council uses this opportunity to re-imagine Brockley Cross as a place for people not cars.