Anatomy of Lewisham

The Lewisham Core Strategy document contains some interesting facts about the borough:

Size and population

Lewisham is London's third largest borough, by both population and area (13.4 square km).

The population is expected to grow from 260,000 in 2006 to 320,000 in 2031.


The number of Lewisham residents in employment grew by 2,700 between 2000 and 2005, but unemployment in 2009 was 7.8%, slightly higher than the London average of 7.4%.

49,091 of Lewisham's commuters travel to London Bridge and the west end, 11,952 head to east to Canary Wharf and almost as many (10,555) head south to destinations like Croydon.

One third of jobs in Lewisham are in the public sector. Lewisham Council describes local jobs as being of relatively low value on average.

Lewisham's industrial base shrank by a third between 2000 and 2004 and the supply of commercial property has fallen since the 1980s.

Open space

One fifth of the borough is parkland or open space, but Telegraph Hill and Brockley wards are both relatively poorly served (Hilly Fields is in Ladywell ward).


73% of household waste is incinerated. 22% is recycled or composted.


There is room for further capacity growth on the DLR service to Lewisham, if demand justifies the remodelling of a section of the line in Canary Wharf.


darryl said...

"One fifth of the borough is parkland or open space"

That's an interesting stat - I wonder what would it be if it wasn't for Beckenham Place Park (more or less Bromley) or Blackheath?

Contrary to perceptions, SE London as a whole does have some cracking green spaces. We're spoilt by what we have in Greenwich, but Lewisham should be talking its up a bit more, I reckon.

Tamsin said...

The whole of SE London is indeed well served with green space - one of the reasons why, having started off here almost by chance, we stayed, despite all the relatives living out to the West. Just think of the Green Chain Walk.

Moira said...

I remember that Lewisham Council a few years back used to include the trees along the railway lines in their green space calculation. Not sure they still do since the trees were cut down.

Tamsin said...

But they are now desperately planting trees by numbers - although admittedly some are carefully thought out and genuine replacements and so should be applauded.

Headhunter said...

Yes, I keep noticing new street trees popping up! All welcome. I also noticed that the ones that were planted outside the PO collection office haven't been vandalised and have been there for ober a year now. Fantastic.

Anonymous said...

If you see a new street tree near your property, please nurse it through the summer. We had 3 planted on Tressillian a couple of years back. The one I watered through the summer has done really well,but the two at the other end of the street are visibly weaker. All it took was a couple of bottles of water once a week in the hottest/driest part of summer.

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