ELL: Just one more thing

Mark: Only one thing for it....turn around and do a Columbo! Now remind me, what university was it she went to?
Assistant: Dartmouth...
Mark: Ah yes of course, thank you. Good old Columbo. Just the one trick, of course. Still; shits on Quincy!

- Peep Show

Brockley Baaaddad's ELL daytrip has unearthed just one more fact worth sharing.

According to TfL, when the new service between Dalston and New Cross starts in April (before the full service starts running on May 23rd), it will only be on weekdays and then only at limited hours - most likely from around 7am to 8pm. Times to be confirmed.


Ticked off!!! said...

What...is...the...point? People will surely want to enjoy the new service at evenings and weekends. This news is incredibly frustrating!!!

Brockley Nick said...

I think you perhaps misunderstand.

I'm only talking about the period before it opens formally on May 23rd, after which there will be a full service, running seven days a week, from early morning to gone midnight.

The service that starts in April was always just a bonus.

Anonymous said...

Great if you live in Dalston and work in New Cross.Not sure about getting home though.

Anonymous said...

We're getting something early. That's a bad thing? Go figure

Anonymous said...

Re the likely date of reopening, the Overground staff at a 'Meet the Manager' evening yesterday at New Cross gave 8 April as the current plan, subject to change. Failed to mention the limited hours/no wkend though, even when I said the 4tph would effectively mean it was a full service from NX from that date.

The idea makes some sense though since their current testing appears to finish earlyish evening.

Lou Baker said...

Good move.

Travelling to Hackney after dark is likely to result in an early death anyway.

Anonymous said...

@ Lou Baker

Are you becoming a parody of yourself?

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