Question Time

Marketer: So, you want a realistic, down-to-earth show… that’s completely off-the-wall and swarming with magic robots
Kids: Yay!
Milhouse: And also, you should win things by watching!
Meyers: You kids don’t know what you want! That’s why you’re still kids: cause you’re stupid! Just tell me what’s wrong with the freaking show!
- The Simpsons

The local and general elections are so close, we can smell them. Nationally, it’s being talked about as the first Facebook election. Locally, it’s the first Brockley Central election. We’ll be doing our best to cover the major political developments in Brockley and the wider Lewisham area.

Most excitingly, the candidates for both the Lewisham Mayoral elections and the Lewisham Deptford parliamentary constituency from the Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem and Green parties have agreed to take part in our pre-election coverage.

To help us put our questions for the candidates together, please post your suggestions for the topics that matter most to you. Whether it’s the future of Gordonbrock, PFI housing contracts, Lewisham Gateway or how national government should manage the economy for the benefit of local people. Please let us have the questions that we should be asking our local or national candidates.

Closing date for suggestions is Friday (April 2nd).

Thanks – the next few weeks should be fun.