Block wars

Any Brockley resident knows that it doesn't matter where you live in Brockley, the important thing is to live here.

But we get asked fairly regularly by out of towners which is the best place to live in Brockley.

Now, we're always reluctant to answer that question, partly out of a desire to remain impartial and partly because we don't want to be held responsible if they move somewhere and get burgled the next day.

So we'd like to crowd source this question from you lot. There have been many debates scattered across the site, but we have never settled the matter, once and for all!

The choices are:

West Brockley - the delights of Nunhead are on your doorstep, the streets are quiet and you have the Broca Food Market. Plenty of family-sized houses.

North Brockley and St John's - New Cross, Deptford and a host of transport options are yours to choose from. Lewisham Way is your high street and Meze Mangal is great, if you're prepared to overlook the sea container parked outside.

Central Brockley - representing most of the conservation area - wide streets, grand houses and access to Hilly Fields and Brockley Station, Coulgate Street and of course the delights of Brockley Cross and Brockley Road.

Crofton Park - a great high street with a choice of Honor Oak or Brockley for the East London Line. A theatre, a ballroom and a library, as well as a bank. Low crime rates.

And of course, you can explain why Ladywell, Brockley Rise and Telegraph Hill are best if you like.

And to readers, curious about Brockley, we wish you our kind of success.